Troubleshooting help needed please


This is strange. I just finished making an arcade stick using a mad catz fightpad pcb. I cut the cord and shortened it to about 15" so it would fit inside my box while using a neutrik USB A to B adapter. Everything works fine when the controller is plugged into the xbox console directly (ie. not through the neutrik) or through a simple usb A extension cord, but when I try to go through the neutrik adapter nothing works. Here is the really strange part. Thinking the problem might be with the adapter or the usb A-B cord I have I took my regular wired xbox 360 controller and plugged it into the neutrik and it works fine. I did the same test plugging in my mad catz TE and it also worked. Any ideas on why the fightpad is not working through the neutrik? Again, it works fine when bypassing the neutrik and plugging right into the system, and my other controller don’t seem to have a problem going through the neutrik. The only thing I can come up with is maybe I did something when I shortened my fightpad cable.