Troubleshooting my Joystick

I bought a new Happ comp stick, and it was working for awhile, but now its not functioning right. The Down and Down Left does not register right. It works about 60% of the time. I’ve already checked the connections, unplugged and replugged the disconnects. Im wondering if I should buy a new stick, or change the microswitches to new ones. Help

check the microswitches themselves. If you can press them in, and they don’t show as pressed on the console, then its pretty sure the microswitches are bad. If you want to get all gung ho about it, switch the switches on the stick around, swapping up with down and left for right. If you start having the problem with up and right, then you know for sure its the switches.

Maaaan, good timing! Just a few days ago, my T5 stick started doing close to the same thing. I first noticed when my facing-right DP excecution accuracy in ST suddenly fell from about 95% to 50%.

Lightbulb edit: I might as well just finally mod the damn thing if I’m opening it up anyways!