Troubleshooting Problems: TE fightstick with Imp and MC Cthulu installed

So tonight I put an MC cthulu and an Imp in my TE. When I did it with my SE I had no problems, but with the TE I am getting strange problems. Right now it only has a USB cable, no RJ-45 or anything.
The imp, cthulu, and 360 PCB all have their VCC wired to the red 5V supply on the USB cable.
The imp, cthulu, and 360 PCB all have their common grounds wired to the black ground on the USB cable.
The D+ and D- from the 360 are wired to the D1+ and D1- on the Imp.
The D+ and D- from the cthulu are wired to the D2+ and D2- on the Imp.
I have the Imp’s guide button attached to my start button.
When I plug the USB cable into the xbox 360 or my computer, the LED’s light up. The 360 does not recognize the stick whether I hold start or not. I tried both modes just in case I had the 360/non-360 modes reversed. The computer gives me “device not recognized” errors when I plug the stick in. The error has come back as a code 43 and as a code 10. Once or twice the computer DID recognize the stick as a fightstick TE, but could not properly load the drivers. Trying the Cthulu mode just gives me the device not recognized error. I have plugged it in multiple times and the problem persists.
Where should I start looking for problems? Should I resolder the connections to the imp or the usb cable? I have checked all my soldering connections several times and everything is firmly connected.
When I have time tomorrow I am going to attempt to wire the 360 PCB directly to the USB cable to see if I can at least restore 360 functionality.