Troubling Situations for a new Gouken Player

Hey guys,

So I’m a new player (Just bought the game about a week ago) but I played the heck out of SF2 back in the day :slight_smile:

Here are some situations which I’m just baffled with about my Gouken playing.

  1. Wake up against a focus attack. Maybe I’m missing something, but if somebody has a FA fully charged against me as I wake up, I can’t do anything. The Counter move doesn’t work against FA, and if I don’t have any EX I don’t have any invincible Get-Off-Me. What the heck am I supposed to do about it?

  2. Against Zangief, i’m getting some bad problems with the Lariat on my wakeup. What the heck am I supposed to do when I have a zangief lariating over me as I wake up? It seems I can’t do anything till it’s done, and then I get piledrived :frowning:

  3. Against Vega, I don’t seem to have anything that punishes him for being far away, bouncing off the wall, and coming down on me with that dive or quick slash. I’ve fought against a vega that simply does that over and over and I have no idea how to fight it. The dive isn’t even consistently blockable because of crossover as far as I can tell. I’m having real trouble here.

  4. Against Honda, I’m having trouble against spamming the sumo smash. I can’t seem to get anything off quick enough before the drop, and after it’s done it’s not punishable on block afaict. Am I supposed to counter the drop?

  5. Fuerte seems impossible to zone. He’s just so unpredictable and all over the place that I can’t get him where I want him. Meanwhile he’s command-throwing the hell out of me. Is there something I’m missing? Do I need to be airborne all the time against this guy?

  6. And of course, Blanka is just kicking my butt. Everything he does seems to have higher priority than everything I have. Heck… his simple sliding punch beats my ultra. That’s ridiculous. What’s the prevailing idea? Play him close? Far away? What can I possibly do against a turtling blanka?

1 and 2) EX tatsu beats lariat and focus. Its a good try. Mix that up with counter and ex demon flip and youre good.

  1. throw random mp fireballs. It helps. Vega has a bad defense, try to attack him more. Also, counter beats it.

  2. Again counter or back dash. Also, hes at a slight disadvantage so jab him after you block it.

  3. mp fireballs help zoning him, as well as rush punches, since he cant punish it. Jumping straight helps, dont get predictable though.

  4. For blanka:

a) Punish ex and normal roll with lp rush punch. for the normal ball it must be done on reversal. not hard though.

b) punish rainbow ball with a dash and a combo.

c) if hes walking forward, focus attack at will, he has nothing to break it if hes coming, and you might get a good combo if he tries to slide.

d) bait ex rolls with with st. mp when he has ex gauge and punish it.

Thats about it I guess.

For a level 3 focus on your wakeup just backdash.

As for Lariat on your wakeup, does the counter not stop that? I’m pretty sure it does. If it doesn’t you can always block and then after the third blocked hit you should be able to hit/combo him (maybe it’s the 4th).