Trrying to learn Yun ^.^



I want to know what steps I should do when trying to learn Yun, like what are the essentials I should look at first then what what and what. Thanks in advance :3


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I guess that one was a no brainer. XP


You need to figure out your game plan with Yun first. That’s the biggest thing. Which knockdowns to go for, which normals to use in footsies, how to space your dive kicks so that they’re safe and + on block and combo-able on hit. These three things are huge. Now that you can’t just dive kick away all day recklessly, you need to get better at using Yun’s normals to help him get in on the opponent. is a great tool, f+hp is good for catching people off guard. is a surprisingly good anti air. Learn your basic hit confirms (,, xx special,, st.lp, st.lp(optional), xx special). If you have more specific questions please ask.


As someone else who is trying to learn Yun, or at least greatly improve with him and get a better understanding of the character, I will post my own questions here.

  1. What can I do to help sustain, or keep up, Yun’s offensive pressure? I am under the impression that he is an offensive powerhouse and a character who wins by overwhelming pressure. When I get close, I try to pressure with low short, low and standing jabs, and low strong. It’s not just reversals/uppercuts that knock me out, but sometimes my pressure is broken by mashed out jabs and shorts. What can I do to combat this?

  2. What are the ideal situations to use each of Yun’s three dive kicks? From my experience, it seems the roundhouse version is very risky.

  3. How effective is the short dive kick in beating crouch techs, or does Yun have a better option?

  4. This may be more of a general question then a Yun question, but is there somewhere that I can get a better understanding of how to properly use dive kicks? I enjoy the design of the character greatly, and I want to get better with him and enjoy playing with him even more. I feel like my dive kick game could certainly use improvement. Is there anything I should know about when and how to use them, in addition to a lot of practice? I want to make sure I’m practicing the proper things.

  5. How else can Yun get into his optimal range if my opponent is fully committed to shutting down dive kicks?

Thank you for anyone who can help. I’ve been playing Sagat in this game forever, with a sprinkling of Guy. I want play Yun a lot more and get a lot better with him. If these questions appear to be redundant, I apologize. Just know that they are coming from a good place.


I need help with dive kicks as well! Please!


If you are getting hit by mashed lights it means you have left a too big gap in your frame traps. Try to tighten up your frametraps if you can. Low short (+1 on block) and low strong (+2 on block) don’t offer as much frame advantage as jabs (+3). If you go for low short and don’t chain into or jab you risk leaving a too big gap incase you go for a low strong thereafter (4 frame gap). An example of a tight frame trap is jab, low strong/forward (2 frame gap).

His lk dk is mainly used for crossups after you knocked someone down. You could also use it to bait people that try to dp your divekickssby using a lk one out of range from your opponent as a feint. Mk dk can be used if you stand a bit closer and after certain strings (e.g. After 3 lights). Lk/mk are safer than hk dk too. The hk divekick is probably his most useful as it travels fast and far. In mid range and a bit further away it can be used as a means of punishing someone whiffing normals. It can also be slightly delayed to mess up your opponents AA attempts if they rely on normals. IMO it’s a sort of far reaching whiff punishing footsie tool that leads into combos. It works better if you think of it that way. In neutral you can empty neutral jump to scare your opponent in thinking that you’ll use it to and play with a combination of Yun’s grounded normals to keep the opponent on his toes, this usually makes it harder for the opponent to anticipate your hk dks.

From my experience it generally isn’t that good. It certainly isn’t as good as Rufus. It can work if you are really up close and they delay their crouch tech. I would prefer relying on frame traps but that’s me.

You want to learn the ranges that work best. See in training room how far away you have to be depending on if you use a divekick quick or as you peak. This also depends on if you are neutral or forward jumping. Proper use of neutral jump hk dk is very different from a fwd jump hk dk not only in trajectory but also in relative distance between you and your opponent as you leave the ground. A dk is perfectly spaced when it hits the opponents toes. Learn your options and memorise the ranges!

Define optimal range. Up close or mid range? I would say Yun’s optimal range is slightly outside mid range where neutral jump hk dk works best. Don’t focus on getting in as soon as possible. If you get in you want to capitalise but it’s in the range I described where you mainly work for getting in. Don’t play Yun like Rufus and instead focus on learning the various options Yun has in mid range. If someone is anti airing you then try delaying your divekick, go for a regular jump in or just play a grounded game. If they use FA do well spaced mp lunge or ex lunge. If they counter you divekicks it’s probably because you are relying too much on them and play predictable.

I range between 3000-3600 pp.