TRSUMMHFBC Marvel Results!

I just got back from the tournament.
Some pretty big surprises, and some upsets. Here are the results.

  1. Dennis “FUCKIN” Shoemaker - Magneto teams.
  2. Allen “AsianFUCKINDemon” Hou - Magneto teams as well as Sentinel teams.
  3. Chris “wanna be Nagasaki Badger” Valesques - Scrubbing it the whole way though.
  4. Ben “BshidoFUCKINHEAT” - Storm/Cable/Cyc or CapCom, MSP.
  5. BO ‘FUCKIN’ JACK - Megaman/Cable/Cyc

** Notes and Highlights **

First off, thanks to wondergirl for setting this up. With the free pizza and drinks. That was very nice of you :wink: Hopefully they’ll be more get togethers.

The finals were 3-4 2-4 in Dennis’es favor, I would have put down money that Allen would have won, but strange things happen and Dennis came out on top!

Biggest surprise was Chris V. after a few weeks in Philly he comes back with a scrubaliosous Sent/Cable/CapCom. Holding up and back and hk + capcom is way too good now :lol: he also put Dennis in the losers in the 3rd round of the winners finals.

A few people dropped out of Marvel in the middle of the tournament.

Bojack beasted with Megaman/Cable/CapCom, and if I don’t know better that was his first time using that team in a tournament.

A big fuck up in marvel though. They had a huge ass bracket, but no byes (it was like a 32 man bracket with only 23 entries). Forunetly, through the ingenuity of the combined minds of Trenicky (Trent and Ricky) we were able to fix it.

Whatever the out come of the rest of the tournaments. We all win. Seeing Adam*Warlock and Shinma-sama drunk and shouting their asses off was pure gold.

Also, Silvergear and his PSL buddy wearing the same exact shirt as I was wasn’t cool!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

j/king :stuck_out_tongue:

To those came from a far, and went to NC have a safe drive home :wink:

We should do this again sometime.


Chris got 3rd…WTF

allen still throwing down in marvel huh…

Also note, and I’m not to trying to bring anyone down, but a lot of the Tampa players had to face themselves in the first rounds. That’s not right, next time have someone look over the brackets, people from the same town shouldn’t fight each other so earily.

Man this tournament was great i had so much fun. Thanks for the pizza and food. Well i surpirsed lot’s of people tonight with my team i’m glad i came in 3rd tonight there could of have not been a better way to retire than tonight. Well i had fun and it was nice seeing you ben take care :mad:

:wtf: Why are you mad???
Don’t worry, I’ll see you around man :wink:

It was yo, maybe if I had used it before I’d’ve known what to do when you and Dennis finally got in and started rushing the fuck out of me :smiley:


Damn Chris, nice job! Allen you suck, get some damn sleep before a tourney! Did’nt you learn ANYthing from Mixup? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks like I’ll have to show up to the next one, somebodies gotta rep the TRUE megaman. :smiley: Glad to see someone other than myself or Trent using him though. BTW, was Trent even there?

Yea Trent was there, he forfitted though he would have got 5th iirc.

… :mad: … Im so mad at myself… this was the easiest tourney ive been to and i lost it…

oh right… the place was packeEEEEdDDDD down with people… holy crud… like how many players or SC2… like 90 or 80…

That and Dennis had been packing away Long Island’s and beer with Rick and me. For Shame, Allen. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was dope meeting some of the Tampa guys and placing names with faces.

i understand how you feel… but unfortunately it was hard concidering alot of people came out of tampa to play… we really did try to make it fair…:frowning:

but congrats to the winners in every event…:slight_smile:

over 100 people showed… 82 for sc2…

what happen to ggxx…?

The results haven’t been posted, but Chetan (sorry if I messed up the spelling) took first and FlashMetroid took third. A Baiken player took second but I don’t know his name.

GGXX top 3

  1. Chetan
  2. 2Piece
  3. FlashMetroid

Third Struike top 5

  1. Daher
  2. Guinness
  3. Silvergear
  4. Random Chun-Li scrub
  5. Chippdamage ( Me )

Wasted Investment



Peter, not like this…:eek: :frowning:

I saw the whole thing I could tell Peter was off he was messing up all his combos. He needs to stop playing GGXX Reloaded.

2 piece is that baller Guardian. Good shit to all of ya at the tourney that shit was top tier. Im so pissed I lost to Tran and got 2nd in T4 which BTW was off the hook. Mega props to Flashmetroid and Chetan for hangin with all of us post tourney party.

And everybody be sure to thank Ashley for putting on an incredible turnout, The setup, the friendliness of everyone, the competition and the fact she catered to everyone and everyone was fed and enjoyed themselves, One of the best Floriday Tourneys I’ve ever seen happen, too bad I could only show for 3s and that’s it. But those SC2 people really into the game. Amazing job Ashley.