Tru3tn01's Guide to Learning RCs


I’ve recently spent alot of time learning to RC and, now that I’ve reached a pretty decent level of proficiency, I thought I’d write a quick guide for those who are just getting started. I know all this info is already available here on srk, my goal is just to arrange it in an easy to follow sequence and to add whatever personal insights I’ve gained. Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

First, just work on learning the basic RC button press (lp+lk, hp) without any joystick motion.

Push your index finger and thumb together so the tip of your thumb is touching the middle knuckle of your index finger. Use this to hold down lp+lk. An instant later, press hp with your ring finger. Make sure to hold down lp+lk, not just tap it. It may be helpful to count out the rhythm as you do it (1…2 really fast).

Go into training mode and turn on key display. Practice this until you get lp+lk on one line and hp on the next line every time. It seems really simple, but if you pratice this until it becomes totally automatic it will make RCing actual moves much easier.

After you have this down, move onto charge moves (blanka ball, psycho crusher, etc.) and quarter circle moves (Iori’s rekkas, hurricane kick, etc.). In training mode, set the dummy to throw fireballs – if you can pass through them you know the RC is coming out.

RC elecricity/hand slaps/etc. is a little different. First, you have to drum your fingers over the three puch buttons really fast (lp,mp,hp or hp,mp,lp). Then, a split second later, do the basic RC button press discussed above. It really helped me to count out the rhythm — lp,mp,hp is the first beat (1), the basic RC button press is the second (2). There’s a video floating around (you can find it at the Go For Broke hub) that shows someone’s hands as they’re doing it. I’d reccomend learing how to RC the other types of moves before you try this, though.

In order to be sure you’re actually RCing electricity type moves, set Sagat to throw HK tiger shots (thanks to Omni). RC electicity/lightning legs/etc. have fewer invincibility frames than other RCs – even if you do them correctly you can’t pass through slower profectiles.

Good luck learing to RC!


interesting, i can RC electricity and especially lightning legs pretty well, but i still can’t RC charge or quarter circle motions to save my life.

you can also literally see blanka/chun/honda moving forward a slight bit just before the electricity/LL’s/slappy hands. that’s another way to tell.


Why can’t you popoblo? It’s a really natural motion, just do a qcf and before you get to forward press roll, then finish the move.


RCing Charge Moves

Press lp+lk while still holding back/down-back, then quickly move the stick to forward and press hp (while still holding down lp+lk). The timing is pretty tight, but just keep practicing it and pretty soon you’ll be able to “feel” it.

RCing Quarter Circle Moves

With the joystick at down, press lp+lk. Complete the quarter circle and press fp while still holding down lp+lk. Do the whole motion as quickly as possible.

For both types of moves, remember to use the RC finger placement I discussed in the first post. Also, don’t forget to use key display when you practice.

I learned to RC charge moves first. After I could do RC Blanka Balls about 9 out of ten times, I tried RCing Iori’s Rekkas. I was suprised to find that I could do them almost everytime without having even practiced. So, learning how to RC one type of move definately makes RCing everything else much easier – it’s all about the right hand. Just keep practicing the basic RC button press – as simple as it seems, having this timing down perfectly really is the key to doing every type of RC.


Quick question… seeing as how a lot of people se RC’ing, I find myself wanting to practice. But can you practice using X-Box CVS2? I know that on CVS2 Live you can’t RC. But is it possible to do RC in the X-Box regular practice mode,… or are you guys only talking about PS2 CVS2???


You can RC on the Xbox, but there is no way to tell if you did it or not since RC’s are no longer invincible, so getting the computer to throw fireballs at you do not work…

Well there is a way, you need to pick someone that makes a loud noise when the roll (Sakura comes to mind) and listen for it before the move…


I can RC 360’s/DP’s and hcf really well… Can and one do hcb-f motions. never got it not once. My friend did it with Rugal once! but it was by mistake.

No D:depress:


I can RC taunts, but that’s it :frowning:

The couple of times I’ve successfully RC’d qcfs though, I started at down. Most things I’ve read say to do qcf, and at d/f do the roll. I found it much easier to hit d+lp+lk,d/f,f+p/k. As for charge moves, I’ve been told to do it while the stick is in neutral, but have yet to be successful with it.

Then again, I’m horrible at CvS2. Don’t listen to me :slight_smile:


For charge RC’s fuck that neutral shit, just hold roll down from back, and it will increase your accuracy like 80%, I went form RCing like 2 Blanka balls/10 to 9/10 using the hold down method.


Has roll cancel: Dreamcast, Playstation 2
Does not have roll cancel: Xbox, Gamecube


In your first post you talked about using some key display and make sure that the lp+lk hits on one line and the hp hits on the next line. Does X-Box have this display? I can’t seem to find it.

Oh and I tried RC’ing on X-Box. I mostly have to watch for the shouts/grunts or the forward movement of the character right before the special comes out to see if I’ve actually done it, but it’s harder than I thought… well mostly because I don’t have a decent stick pad at home with responsive enough buttons. :frowning:


There is no RC on Xbox. At all. Or am I mistaken?


Hi ya! (Not to be confused with Hiyah!)

I have a question for all you gurus :).

(I’m new here, so please - bear with me!)

When testing one’s RC in traing mode, is the important thing that the fp (or fb, sb, etc.) comes on the line immediately after the roll input, or is the true test whether or not your character enters his/her roll animation?

I only ask this because I’ve been told that if you don’t roll, it IS a cancel. As I’ve been able to pull the standing fp fireball at least two lines after the roll input (the first being a forward arrow), is this to be considered a cancel?

Oh, BTW! (Bracing for the inevitable newbie alpha counter) How does one go about setting one’s training mode to “just throw fireballs?” I own the PS2 version and I haven’t seen such an option. It’d be damned cool if there actually were such an option, so if I’m just missing it, please tell where it is so I can start using it!:smiley:


set dummy to rec, do some fireballs -> play


Yes, usually, the special move button press should come out on the next line after the roll input. Sometimes (if I remember correctly) the roll cancel will still come out even if the roll is more than one line below the special move button press if you do it really fast, though.

The thing to remember is: as long as the roll is at least one line below the special move button press and the special move still comes out (instead of a roll), then you’re fine.

Watching to see if you’re character starts the roll animation never really did much for me – it can be pretty hard to spot.

To set the dummy to throw fireballs in training mode:
1.) go to "Dummy Settings"
2.) go to “Dummy Action” and set it to "Record"
3.) throw a fireball
4.) go back to “Dummy Action” and set it to “Play”

Good luck!


K - Thanks guys!

YAH! I’m getting the RC fireball off 9 out of 10 times right off the bat then :D.

I still can’t get it to pull on my hurricane though… TRYING to think backwards and all lol!

I can’t wait to get the charge version down so I can get it (ahem) “rolled” into a [sick] blanka routine. :evil:


any advice on how to RC half circle motions? since eagle and chun li are my two main characters, it’d be nice to learn RC fireball and RC rush move for certain situations.



Um, sorry for what is, in all probability, a rather :lame: question, but why is it relatively easy for me (I can get it almost every time now) to RC into a fireball, but infinitely harder (I STILL haven’t pulled it off) to RC into a simple [standing] fp?

Oh, and RC into taunt is utterly hilarious!


umm… hcf motions are fairly easy to learn. if you can do fireball motions you should have no problem with this, just press roll when you get to down, and you should be ok.

EDIT: I stopped trying to rc and I went from being able to rc this move every time , to like 4/10 :bluu: plus they changed the sticks and they are all fucked up. i cant even combo into hcf+kick any more.


You can’t RC normal moves.

RCing Half-Circle Moves

If you can already RC quarter-circle moves than these will probably be pretty easy. For example, to RC Chun-Li’s fireball here’s what I do – back, down-back + roll, down, down-forward, forward + hp. Remember to hold the roll (lp+lk) down until the move is finished. Press lp+lk with your thumb and index fingers pushed together and hp with your ring finger. Some people like to push the roll at down but down-back has always worked better for me. If you keep getting a roll instead of the special, try doing the motion faster.