True Blockstrings


A “true” blockstring is when you do two consecutive attacks where the first one is blocked, but the start up of the next move is less or the same of the blocked advantage of the last move, right? If thats true, then when someone mashes dp during the blockstring, the autoguard feature just kicks in and they remain blocking, right?



Yes, unless your second attack is a low, in which case if they do a normal DP motion they’ll just get hit because they’re not crouching.

It depends on game beyond that. I’m assuming SF4. You can do a crouching DP in SF4 to avoid this trap.

Cancelling from one move to another often makes true blockstrings. Up close Ryu xx fireball is a blockstring. Ryu xx is a true blockstring. Ryu cr.lp, cr.lp can either be a true blockstring or not, depending on whether you chain the jabs or link the jabs (it combos on hit either way).


Yes, a true blockstring is a series of attacks where if your opponent blocks the first attack, he cannot reversal the follow up attacks whatsoever.

It depends on how they mash DP. If they just mash :db::d::df: , only the down-positions on the stick, and hit buttons, they’ll continue to block. If there’s a gap in your attack string, then the reversal will come out. Even players like Daigo will use this strategy when needed.

However, if they try to stand up during the blockstring, like if they try to do a real DP motion :f: :d::df:, where they stand up or try to jump, then they’ll get hit. Certain characters can hit confirm off of certain blockstrings if they suddenly land, and finish off the combo.


Yeah I’m referring to SF4. So then then the idea of frametraps ISNT to be a true blockstring because you want to leave a little gap so you can set up for a counter hit, right? Of course you can mash DP out of those, too.


Yes and yes.


gottttttt it. thanks guys