True Blood Season 4


Can’t find the old thread and Season 4 is currently on. Same intro though. :shake:

You all can start sucking now.


Ahh damn it started today. Thanks for the heads up.


Lol @ Lafayettes mohawk, and that slumber for Sookie was suprising.


more randomness… wtv i’ll still watch this since im bored


Hopefully they’ll cut down on the gratuitous nudity and focus more on a decent storyline


After the last couple seasons in don’t know if I have the strength to watch this


DLing it now… ill watch it when i get back from work


But Season 2 was fine. 3 got fucking wierd though


didnt really like that time frame jump, but some nice surprises I suppose. and Tara looking smoking hot shiet


the shows been good since day very well written. If you think different then maybe make your own hbo series so we can not enjoy


This is exactly how my wife and I feel.


Tara becoming a lesbian surprised me. :lol: Last night’s episode was not bad. I’m hearing internet rumors that the season is suppose to better than last season. Like I said, these are internet rumors.


The season Premiere was pretty wack to me but the second episode picked things up a bit. I shed a tear for the beautiful Sophie Ann.


2nd episode?


Where’d you see that? Torrent? HBO Go?


Yea if u watch it through your cable provider u can see it a week early just check on demand. Should be on the net somewhere too.


Damn is this on already, gots to watch this…I have hbo only reason why i keep it…


OMFG, I’m not kidding, I would cum uncontrollably if Eric offed Sookie. I wouldn’t even need to touch myself, I would just blow a load as the light left her eyes…I hate her sooo fucking much. I hate everything about that show other than Eric, and somehow I end up watching the whole fucking season and then having to abuse myself as penance. The storylines are so bad. The characters are so bad. The dialog is horrible and the acting is subpar. It’s not a good show. It has gotten so bad as the seasons have passed. Season 1 was at least interesting, season 2 was horrible. The Mary Ann story was a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I don’t know the source material, but I can’t imagine it’s as bad as this show…


Someone uploaded a HBOGO rip torrent of episode 2…


Do you need Cox Tv for HBO Go? Or any HBO subscription should work?