True Kara Demon Help

Guys, its been months since i heard about the true kara demon and every week i find myself going into training mode for a while trying to get it to come out…and nothing.

I know well how its supposed to be done, that its to be done quick yet i seem to go as fast as possible and nothing. To give you a detailed idea, im able to pull off other forms of the Demon like the Dash Demon or the lp lp>down foward>HK,lk>HP Demon (which i’ve heard is supposed to be MUCH harder to pull off than the TKD. Im on a regular PS2 controller just so you know and even though for many people i know it is better to be on stick, for myself i already know its not an option. So with all that in mind, any thing you can help me out with, maybe some of u that might be able to do it on controller and could give me some help…id highly appreciate it :wink:

Ok first off low roundhouse demon with the jabs buffered before hand is NOT harder than a TKD not even close. Maybe if you tried to TKD with low roundhouse but im pritty sure that is humanley impossilbe since the command overhead is 14 frames start up while the low rounhouse is only 7 and the command overhead TKD is hard enough.

Second, while it may be possilbe i can garuntee you that it is a million times harder to do a TKD on a pad and not on a stick. Its hard enough on my HRAP i cant immagine doing it on a pad.

but if your that determind there are a few tips i learnt that make doing this easier:

first off learn to do the lp tap with your index finger as demonstrated as the last method in Harmonaz’s video.

so you hit the mp with your middle finger then drum the jab with your index, then very qickly hit jab with your index finger again. this is better for consistancey becuase your hand has to move less as opposed to the double tap method.

second, to know your doing the jabs fast enough you should be finished the second jab while Gouki’s hand thats doing the chop is still behind his head. it is hard to do but just practice holding forward then drumming mp then lp then the second lp like i said and do it before his hand gets to the front of his head. that is the proper speed.

third tip is to do the forward motion as down forward rather than releasing the stick and tapping forward again.

so you do: forward mp, lp, lp, down forward, lk, hp

this also makes it so your hand has to move less, therefore doing less work and adding to the consistancey of the TKD

the last tip i have for this move is that the finish should be almost instantainious, as right after the second jab you should input down forward and drum short and fierce, do those 3 inputs like a kara move.

if your getting it so your demon comes out after the first hit of the overhead dont worry and keep pracitcing cause you almost have it, most of its muscle memory, you wont be able to learn it in a night and i would say that its probably the hardest move to exicute thats actually useful in a match in all of 3S (not including more than 2 normal takcles in the corner with urien).

yeah ur right, the one i obviously meant was the buffered lp then low roundhouse etc etc etc. but anyways R_T_S_D. although your explanation is appreciated, you forgot the fact that in the end, i am on controll pad. i actually have my MP on L2, LP on Triangle, LK on R2 and HP on Square. so the flow of the input is pretty easy on my hands…

God I can’t imagine trying this on a pad. Of all the things in 3s, this would have to be the hardest without a stick.

The best tip I can provide is to listen listen to how fast the inputs are being done in Naz’s video. If you can find the video with Jiro teaching it, thats good too. Its really like one solid stream of inputs (that is super fast) as opposed to most other setups which often have breaks in between the jabs and the rest. I only have success with this move when I am thinking about what speed I need to be inputting things at.

Also, I actually just got this move down last week, and I’ve been practicing it on and off since last July :sweat: I still only do it successfully 1-4 times per 30 minute practice session.

If you can change your button config (ok in tourney?), maybe you can add another LP on some normally empty button, as i think the hard part of doing True kara demon (on pad or stick) is doing the LP’s as fast as you can…

I don’t play on pad, but i think TKD is even harder than Tacchi Gigas…
Good luck :bgrin:

LOL i have been using the original xbox controller since it came out (can’t find a custom stick online since byrdo don’t make’em anymore) and i can do tkd on it almost 100% of the time except the first and more often second hit of the f+mp DO comeout before the demon but the demon is instantly after and half the time during f+mp so i know i’m doing it right anyways i hope it’s easier to do on a stick cuz altho it’s second nature to do tkd on my regular xbox pad thats only cuz i practice it ALOT and still i have to concentrate heavily. On xbl the very few times i have pulled a tkd i wish i had a mic those times so i could say yo i jus did that with the controller the xbox came with LOL.

Heres a trick i saw somewhere on the forums that makes doing tkd ALOT easier on the xbox pad:

First i do f+mp then instead of letting go of the joystick i hold it foward n double tap x then “push” the joystick that i have held foward down a little bit so that now the joystick is df n then the instant i push the joystick from foward to downfoward i press a and r trigger afterwards IMMEDIATELY as anyone who has tried this on this pad will tell u at first it seems absolutely impossible but with a little bit of practice in training mode everyday within the first 2 weeks u should b able to pull it off at least 25% of the time n within a month u should be able to pull it off 80-90% of the time but take it from me no matter how much u practice it it’l NEVER b 100% consistant once in a while youl mess up and that’s not even counting lag on xbl.

i know it’s not in the right forum but PLEASE someone gimme a link to where i can find a custom stick for use on my xbox n a converter or whatever so i can use it on a ps2 as well it would be greatly appreciated cuz i hate my controller i might as well b playing with a brick.

It’s way too hard on pad. Crafting a joystick from your own flesh and bones would yield more success.

DAMN!! why is it so much harder on the pad

It’s the button placement. And carpal tunnel syndrome is a bitch and makes the whole thing not worth it.

You need a stick to do TKD end of story.

Tachi Gigas is way harder than TKD. Be real here, seriously. But it’s hella hard on pad unless you position your fingers “spider” style or add a lp button somewhere.

I got it down to 99% on stick and 75% on pad and i have bad execution(i randomly miss normals into tatsu, seriously). Practice is all you need.

I would talk to some of the stick builders because they can probably put together an xbox specific stick or make one with one of the nubytech pcb’s

I wanna be you when I grow up.

oh lord, on a pad?

umm, when i do lk,hp i use the middle of my thunb and flick the middle up(bend my thumb real quick) and the tip of my thumb would hit the hp. can’t really help on the lp,lp

Easy. Lots of soup, milk and kara demons. And get a tan if you’re not black.

Nah seriously, I’ll tape some of my matches to backup my claims. I can do a vid to prove it right now, but training is not actual matches.

At the moment I can do it very infrequently. Just a couple times in a half hour practice session. I’ve got the speed down, but I think my problem is the placement of the second forward. Its difficult though to know exactly what I’m doing wrong since its so fast. When you guys are trying to make it more solid, do you just repeat it over and over? I don’t want to be solidifying bad habits, but I don’t know how to figure out exactly what I’m doing wrong most of the time.

Actually, to see what i was doing wrong, I had to do it in another game(SFZA) because there is key display. shows you what you are doing wrong. but beware, in most games, you can be hella slower. so just use the key display to see what’s wrong, then go back to 3s.

It helped me a lot.

then i’d get back to 3s and practice… A LOT.

and don’t forget, you can go from towards to down towards without going to neutral, makes it kinda easier.

wow good tip el_diablo

wat street fighter is it that?

Street fighter alpha/zero anthology on ps2.

lol allright, i just went out and bought it after work today, lets see wat im doing wrong…:rolleyes: