True Kara Raging Demon

Hey everyone, I’ve looked through some threads and watched some video footage but I’m still not getting the true kara demon to come off. Is there any special way I should be buffering inputs or is it simply just execute a chop (f + mp) and rattle off the demon insanely fast. I don’t want to hide any jabs and I know how to do the other kara demons with cr. rh, st.rh, and the lp, lp, f+mp, lk, fp.

I saw the video of HarmoNaz doing it in training…based off of the match vid with Jiro. In one post I saw where HarmoNaz mentions the true kara demon and triple tapping lp. Is this the same demon I’m talking about?

Thanks for the help in advance! Here’s to more time in training mode!

-fatsin 182

Triple tap helps…

Few things you have to make sure when you try this:

The mp and your first lp HAVE TO BE SEPERATE. Doesn’t matter if you are still holding forward - just make sure you bring back to neutral before you have to tap forward again after the second lp.

Make sure the forward, lk, HP are seperate as well. Lot of the times forward and lk get pressed together.

Good luck :tup:

Impossible to execute consistently.

So I’ve tried this in training and have been met with non-stop failure. So to straighten out the proper execution in my mind, I input the chop command and then rattle off raging demon correct? When you say the mp and the first lp have to be seperate, you mean in order I should…

Execute the chop ( f+mp )
Then triple tap lp so (lp, lp, lp)
Make sure I’m in neutral (which I always am because I tap f+mp and stop holding)
Then finish the raging demon ( f, lk, HP) making sure they are seperate too

If that’s the case…this would be totally random for me. There is no way I can rattle that off fast enough. I’ve got it to cancel out of the chop after hitting the dummy once in the face with the first part of the chop, but that’s the closest I’ve come. Is there some buffer I’m missing or a trick to help with this or is it just input as fast as humanly possible? If that’s the case…I think I’ll stick with the other one million and one demon setups that are out there. Thanks for the help!

Here’s to pissing players off with raging demon finishers!

What Naz means by triple tap is that you tap mp then lp, lp in quick sucession.

So it’s f+mp, lp,lp that is being triple tapped, I think. So it’s sort of like you hit mp with your ring then lp with middle and lp with pointer ???

I gave the “french method” for doing a kara demon. try doing a quick search. as for doing it consistently… well, several french player can. if we can do it, everybody can(some of us have really bad execution).


here it is:

fatsin - the method you described is actually what I do. Using Hell Murder’s analogy, this is the craziness that I do…

mp with little finger
triple tap lp with the other three fingers (!!!)
The rest as you described

Its crazy hard, and to be honest its just something to show off as opposed to being something practical… unless you have the reflexes to tech someone’s throw with it on the arcade version :wink:


I’m just waiting to see if youtube did the original quality any justice. If you guys think its too choppy, let me know and I’ll give you a yousendit link or something.

I can’t get my camera to record my hand AND the TV at the same time because I have to radically change the settings to be able to record the TV screen where everything else just becomes dark and blurred. I tried putting the camera somewhere else to just capture my hands so that the viewer could at least HEAR the kara demon come out, but I couldn’t get a decent angle where you could actually make out what my fingers were doing. So I settled for this in the end. Hope it does some good…

Naz, can you true kara consistently? Looks like you had it down in that video. Pretty amazing.

ive been trying to double tap on my stick, but its one of those anniversary edition ones. it seems like they are not the nicest buttons to be using. in any case, i just end up keeping the button down longer instead of actually hitting it twice.

I was thinking about filming my hands and the screen too, but i can’t come up with a decent way of doing it. that reminds me that i still have to tape the jiro demon.

why is it everytime i see a new post on this board its about flippin kara demon. Like he has no other moves or some shit.

because you can’t dash under kara demon :rofl:

This is sweet fellas, thanks for all the advice. I’ll just sit and practice when I get the chance and hope to figure it out. I’m not really worried about getting it consistently…more so just to get it once :slight_smile:

Oh, and sorry MOD for starting another kara demon thread. Kara’s are simply the hardest moves and setups to accomplish with akuma so that’s why it gets mentioned so much. His other moves and combos are pretty straight forward. I promise in the future to ask about matchups, regular SA setups, and of course…KKZ! (just kidding)

Thanks again guys!

Oh, and thanks for the tutorial video HarmoNaz! Good stuff! I’ll have to see if I can implement that into my game or not.