True Life: I'm an addict


I’m an addict. I can’t stop posting my fucked up opinions all over the internet. Every time I try to quit, it feels like suicide. I think the longest I’ve gone without posting bullshit was like 6 months, maybe. I’ve quit cocaine, crack, school, acid, heroin, booze and weed, but for the life of me, I can’t seem get off the damned boards. Not just this board either. Shit loads of boards. I know I’m broken. I’m just not sure how to fix my sorry ass.

I’ve tried turning off my rig, getting a job, lifting weights, losing my virginity, even hanging myself. All failed. I failed. Sometimes I wish Albert Einstein would crawl out of his grave and bust a depleted uranium cap in my ass. It’s crazy enough to work! But even that would take some before I felt the full effect. I’m like the mutherfucking postinator. And I need help.

Please run train on me.


Look within through meditation, knowing yourself > knowing the world. When you know the self then only can you know the world.


I’ve done things you’ve probably not thought of, as far as meditation goes. I’m a long-time initiate of the occult arts. I can’t speak on what has been imparted to me. If you know anything, then you know that much. Enlightened? Yes. Stared dead into the abyss many a time. Always came back wanting to watch the world burn. Sometimes ready to set it on fire myself. I try to cool it with that shit as much as possible. I damn sure ain’t human anymore. Humanity is too frail to be interesting.


Meditation is a life long practice and there are thousands of Kriyas and Asanas to learn so “trying it” isn’t what helps you. The fact you have substituted one addiction for another means you haven’t got passed initial steps of spiritual practice. Attachment leads to suffering spiritual 101 blah. If it isn’t for you then you can try other things but posting on SRK isn’t going to help you either. :confused:

Too much Dark Knight and not enough self sufficiency.


What are your thoughts on and experiences with psychiatrists?

This here’s a video game board. You can get a Cole Train WOO WOO, reference, Railworks DLC pricing structure, or one of the best, Sabin Suplexing the Ghost Train boss in Final Fantasy III(VI) maybe.


Okay, okay. I’ll stop trolling just long enough to illuminate your smiley, glad-handed hippie shit.
I am self-employed, my total assets probably worth about seven-hundred grand. I have a wife, two kids, a house in two countries, three degrees and two businesses. But none of that keeps me off the internet. So you got any other advice short of having my fingers surgically removed? Okay. Troll switch re-engaged.

Psychiatrists are shitty. They prescribe meds. Psychologists, on the other hand, do not. I saw a shrink for ten years because I graduated from high school when I was 13 and earned my first degree at 19. They said I was a genius. Got tons of grant money. But I was like, SHIT! I don’t need money! I need to slow down my brain! None of the recreational drugs helped. Weed helped me sleep, though. But when I’m off it, I sleep every third day. I’m pretty fucked. I’m 27 and I already know everything. Even was initiated by Masonic clansmen. Even told them to fuck off. But I still rock their jersey because they helped me out a little.

You guys aren’t helping.


No you don’t troll harder 22 year old.


Your grammar is so fucked, I don’t even know which angle to tilt my head to read it. How about a little punctuation next time, for the sake of maintaining some fucking context?

If rehashed Batman movies are your only frame of reference for ‘watch the world burn,’ then you’re probably very ignorant about a lot of things in general.
Hey, I think this is working. Thanks, guys. :wink:


Gems are the future.


Finally, you deliver.


What’s wrong with hippy shit? Get out by a beach, surf, eat good food, walk on the sand with the one you love, walk through an ethnic ghetto, giving away some of that 700k.

Masons are losers.


If only your dick was half as big as your ego, then you could take a piss without getting your balls wet.


I used to have the same exact problem, and I dealt with it by beating my self up. My dick to be specific. I used to beat my dick until it was raw. 8 to 15 hour sessions at a time. You just keep going at it until your mentally and physically too drained to do or care about anything else. I hope this helps you to a speedy recovery brother. Remember, just take it one fap at a time.


What’s wrong with hippie shit? You mad? It’s hippie and it’s shit. I’m bewildered by your lack of understanding on the matter. I kind of like the feeling. Well played. I’m pretty ethnic and ghetto, myself. All I would have to do is close my eyes and look inside, take a meditative stroll through an imaginary alley, jump myself and win. It’s how I made it to begin with.

I stopped pissing on my balls when I was like 3.

You know what’s up! I appreciate you stopping by. I feel the love. Finally, someone who understands my struggle on a real level. Beating it raw is the best way to forget all other problems. I know…first hand.


Prove it


True Life: I make threads with nothing but shitty posts.


Hey man don’t do that. The internet has enough of those! I know you mean whatever is going on with this one.

Your Wrestling one is okay. Ever talk the “Puroresu” up in there? It would have to be classic though. I’m not even sure what stables and companies exist anymore in Japan now that MMA is huge.




What? I don’t have those problems anymore, so I don’t need to fap for 15 hours straight. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I just don’t have the same vigor that I used to…

Ahhh what the hell! Be back in 15 hours with youtube proof. Lemme get some lube and we can get this party started! Redtube, here I cum!!! Hope they still have that midget category available.


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