True Norwegian Black Metal Documentary

Try watching this short documentary on Norwegian Black Metal…particularly a short bio on the band Gorgoroth and their singer.

It is in five parts.

I thought it was one of the best interviews I ever watched.

he turned the interview into a total revealing of what he was describing.

And let the “sheep” of the group make an example of themselves.

Checked it out. Pretty interesting.

Seems like his worldview would be compatable with fascist ideas though. In fact, IIRC some Norwegian bands were on the far right.

I’ve seen this before. I love documentaries of any type, and enjoyed it, but the attitudes and just complete ignorance of some of the people in these bands just strike me as hilarious.

i like the gaahl interview for metal a headbanger’s journey

this is dope too

gaahl is crazy, but very entertaining. i think guys like him and varg are such showman, and love shocking people so much that they compromise any morals they have to achieve those ends. although its not fair to lump gaahl in with varg, as gaahl has never committed any crimes.

Interesting watch.

he’s gay.

kidding aside, im glad at the rise of documentaries over the history and communities of metal, especially black metal. i remember reading lords of chaos in high school and always tripping out on how dope black metal was/is. its crazy to see these people i read about breaking themselves and their music down. albeit even if its a bit dramatized/cheezy

That was a good documentary, I see what Gaahl did at the end :tup:

Yeah isn’t he dating a fashion designer too? Long way from the grim and evil world of black metal. I remember a friend of mine pointed out that being gay is one of the most anti christian things you could do, so it makes him even more trve and kvlt


And yet Hetfield and Trujillo get shit for being seen in Paris shopping at Gucci wearing birkenstocks

flying to paris and buying gucci whilest looking stupid is pretty fucking expensive.

being gay and banging dudes who hook you up with free duds is pretty fucking cheap and or free

:confused: Apparently we aren’t watching the same interview. After watching this video, reading that big cover story last year or early this year in LA Weekly and what not, Gaahl has been convicted of crimes.

Never mind then. It’s been a while since I’ve kept up with this stuff, and a few years since I saw the documentary. Him attacking a few guys doesn’t quite stand out among the murders and church burnings, although apparently he tortured someone? Fucking crazy mother fuckers…

lol @ the candle moving more than he did for like 2 minutes straight