True or False?: Every stick sold in the U.S. has a square gate pre-modded


I’m thinking of getting a Hori EX2, but I really do not want to bother with a square gate.

I have no problem modding it to have a octa gate, I just want to know before I get it to make sure.

Thanks in advance.


look at this one


Pre-modified sounds like factory over-clocked.
It has more to do with the joy stick itself than the location.

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If you have no problem modding it, why do you ask what it has ? -_-

It’s a $55 investment, just get it.


Well not every Arcade Stick.
The Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick comes with American-style Joystick.

American-style Joystick do not use a Restrictor Gate at all.

I’m not sure where this guy bought his Stick.
But it came stock with Octagonal Restrictor Gate.




Also, when modding that ex2, if you use the stock pcb your gonna have to cut the traces on the jlf pcb. Another thing you should know about the ex2 pcb, is they crap out the most out of all the hori pcbs ive seen.


I converted my JLF-TP-8 into JLF-TM-8 to avoid cutting Traces of TP-MA.
Just bought four Sanwa MS-Y-3 Microswitches is all.

Same idea as putting in Cherry Microswitches.