True or false: wong's domination in the marvel scene is fading

other people catching up to him or is he still sitting atop the throne of marvel?

Isn’t Justin’s Evo record something like:

B5: 1st
2002: 1st
2003: 1st
2004: 1st
2005: 4th? cant’ remember, but it wasn’t 1st or 2nd.
2006: 1st
2007: 2nd

So yeah, the domination is slipping, but it’s like how people said Tiger Woods was “slipping” right after he switched coaches and wasn’t winning every other major. He’s still mother fuckin Tiger Woods.

well this is kinda off topic but didn’t tiger suck for a couple months (edit: got a new coach and learned a new swing) and then come back and win everything? something like that anyways, i dunno.

i voted false, btw.

If the domination is slipping…it’s only because there are people out there now who actually have some sort of a chance of beating him. It’s still MFing Justin Wong and he’ll still dominate you no matter who you are. I hear J.Wong’s stick was messing up vs. Yipes any ways. Not to take any credit from Yipes since mad people were saying he would beat J.Wong before the tournament. J.Wong’s stick could be working better than perfect and it sounds like Yipes still would have made it mad hard for him to win.

I think people are just stepping up. Although, I could only think of a couple of people who could “normally” beat him on a daily basis, that being Yipes and Sanford.

It’s kind of like the Phoenix Suns in the NBA, they could bulldoze their way through many teams but once they hit the Spurs, ie Yipes or Sanford, they have a chance at being stopped.

man, i watched a video today where Justin ocv’ed some dude’s MSP at Evo North with Marrow/Tron/Charlie.

if that doesn’t speak volumes about his legacy then i’m not sure what does.

2-1 vs several top players this evo


nobody other than people that he plays with have beaten him repeatedly.

Speaks for itself.

Him and Sanford trade alot,and obviously there are people that can beat him since he lost to Yipes,but that’s about 7-8 years of domination and consistency.I’m most impressed about the consistency.The fact that he has adapted with the game from the time it came out,and along the period of time when all of the tricks and intricacies of the game were being discovered.

It isn’t fading in any way, shape, or form. He’s untouchable by the WC, basically. Anyone who doesn’t play against him regularly can’t keep up with him. Solid technical play and an incredible mind game win him tournies, so the only ones who can play on par with him are the ones who know his mind games well and practice as much as him.

Honestly, though. Enough with Top Player X threads. You’ve been negged for a completely unnecessary thread.

Agreed. He lost a few tourneys and won hundreds, and since 2000 or so he was eliminated only by 2 guys in whatever tourney he enters, Sanford and Yipes, the guys who play with him. Maybe it’s not 100% guaranteed that he will win everything like a few years ago, but he is pretty dominating as it is

dude is the frieza of mvc2…hes not fading away imo.

I agree with the majority that Justin Wong’s abilities have not faded, and that only a few players can hang with him on his lvl now, due to the fact they are around him and have numerous amounts of exp. against his gameplay.

If you just look at the resume, he’s dominated for so long, that the few tournaments he actually loses, it gets hyped out more then the ones he’s won. I think most of us are so used to him winning so much, however I take nothing away from Yipes at all, imo he has the best Magneto I’ve ever seen.

What has amazed me the most about J. Wong is that he has continued to be the contender for the #1 spot in MvC2 since he’s started his win’s in the scene. His ability to adapt to the game of MvC2 as it has evolved through the years in my eyes is just simply phenomenal. I give alot of credit and respect to the man and what he’s achieved in MvC2.

My thoughts are that Justin Wong will still continue to dominate, and this loss will only make him comeback in Evolution 2008 much stronger than before. Honestly, imo, MvC2 should be the main event of Evo again I don’t care if it doesn’t get the most entries for a fighting game during Evo, this game gets the most hype, the most trash talking, the best MM’s around and the greatest drama out of any fighting game at Evo.

J. Wong will still dominate, expect him to take 1st in the next MvC2 tournies he’ll be entering in.

My thoughts anyways, so don’t be hating.



whoever said wc isn’t up to snuff does NOT know whats really fucking bueno.

I voted false

False. He isn’t slipping, its more like people are finally catching up to his skill.