Truly tough. Iraqi boy becomes US Marine through his own strength


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I’ve always liked stories like this. Here’s hoping the guy gets to make a good life in the marines and is able to give back to his family and country. That’s the kind of thing that will actually make bonds between two different cultures/people/etc.



A story thread with actual good news in it?

Damn, we must be getting soft in our old age.


:rofl: It’s so rare that when I saw it, I had to post it.



Damn, now that guy’s a motivator. Yut, rah, slay, kill.



Is there an option to become a US Marine using somebody else’s strength?



good for him, jesus christ, and there are millions more like him that unfortunately wont get to have such a great story ever, or anytime soon. i wouldnt be surprised to see this as a movie in a couple years. it would be a nice view from the inside out, especially for ignorant ass american viewers who dont know shit about shit.

amazing post OP


Yeah but can he rollcancel?

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Start clarifying. Roll Cancel Taunts are the weakest of weak and not needed.


But will he fight his own people when the time comes?


^ He might already have. Who knows what he did when he was a merc. Judging by the story he’s more than prepared to do so.

This story is amazing btw. This story puts my faith back into humanity. I think I need to go to Worldstar to ground myself.


If only the US could go to EVERY country and have them join the marines.


Too bad we can only invade the ones that can’t fight back sigh


Yeah, I would be surprised if this isn’t already being put to paper for next year’s summer blockbuster.

NOTE: why is it that the Rock looks like anybody else when he’s in a suit and tie, but the second it comes off you get a reminder that he’s HUGE as hell?

What is this “we” you speak of?

After reading that story, I don’t doubt it. Chances are he hates insurgents and terrorists worse than we do because he’s literally been there and done that. Revenge bitches!!! It’s coming for ya!!!

Sure there is. One is called,“Not what you know, but who you know”. Some fat Bitches who can’t do ten push-ups in a week doing tours in whatever hotspot is there at the time because daddy was buddies with the chief of naval ops from high school and put a little political pressure in the right place because it would look good on his son’s resume if he did some time in the military. Even works overseas too (I.E. prince Harry or whichever one joined the service). I’d be walking around with bass in my voice too knowing that despite wearing a grunt uniform, the rest of the herd will be make sure my ass gets out alive if the shit gets too real.



The American viewers wouldn’t be able to hide their racism and would all say to watch him because he is a traitor. Actually the military itself can’t always hide their racism. There was a Muslim guy in the marines awhile back that got thrown into jail for no reason, he wrote a book about it. I believe he was half-Chinese, so you can only imagine how a fully brown person will fare when things turn sour. I will see if I can find the name and the book, but I haven’t been able to find it with a cursory search. I believe his last name was Lee but I can’t be certain.

That would be a pretty boring movie but with enough US patriotism behind it I’m sure it can sell well.

However, you are pretty clueless about how enlisted US Marines work, and how the US military works in general. First of all nobody gets away with PRT without a medical reason. But secondly, if you’re calling in favors, you don’t do it to become a Marine grunt. You’ll want at least a commission, most likely in the Coast Guard. Anybody that is a grunt in the Marines wants to be there and has passed the requirements, which are admittedly much lower for women than men, but that’s just how it is.


I feel like a huge pussy after reading that story.


Probably. It doesn’t sound like his own people wanted much more than to kill him.


Meanwhile in Iraq 11 years later and life is more miserable than it was ever before the invasion:

OP may have posted a nice story about the endurance of the human spirit, but let’s not forget those who created the horrible conditions of horror that is daily life in Iraq…


Geez. You just named the VERY card that would do what you’re saying won’t happen. “Medical Reason”. I’m SURE nobody would ever pretend to have a physical ailment that, while they can continue to be in, would make it impossible for them to hit the deck with the rest of the crew. Sure that would never happen. I’m just saying that pretenders exist. Don’t be surprised if you run into one.



Always remember: We trained Osama bin Laden.


Bin Laden was a bitch, hiding in caves n shit posting selfies all day on his fucking tweeter. The guy in the OPs story is just a fucking boss, like some real Kenshiro type nigga that just will not be put down, I wouldnt be surprised in 10 years we hear about going back home and exterminating all the extremists that threatened his family.