Trumbull, CT SF4 Tourney #2


The first one was a great turnout. Thank you to those 40+ who made it . So here is # 2!

Location: Gamestop Trumbull Mall
5065 main st
trumbull ct next to american eagle

Date: Saturday April 11
Time: 1pm

Double Elimination
No banned characters
BYOC if you want to otherwise ill have sticks and pads

Anything I missed please feel free to hit me up here or on XBOX live or call my store 203 372 7638.


whats the entry fee? no prizeS?


no entry fee. im working on the prize still, i want it to be a good one. its in my store so icant do an entry fee. but still fun anyways


Is the store on the Xbox or PS3?


I will be there not square…hardy harr


its on 360 and full hd glory. i might have ps2 setup for som e 3s or ggac+. regardless it will be a good time.


ill go


No point, we all know Me > Ct in 3s



think I’m gonna go to this. And I’d be down for some 3s action, my dudley is probably rusty as hell though.