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When you see “The Clayton” using the change the future wall bounce that you posted about a week ago. :blush:


That’s easy 5k meterless solo damage in the corner. Dang. Glad I picked up this character.


Frame data.
Apparently his overhead special is safe. Wtf.


These are my BnB’s with Trunks I’ve been able to pull off so far. I always include notations, keep the Super meter at 1 to show meter gain and use no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams and assists. As always I hope this helps anyone who’s been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Have fun folks!


Is the air Kikoha the only way to chain with his 214 ?


You can chain jM -> 214H into jL.
The timing is a bit tighter (wait until you reach the apex of the spin and then press L) but it’s worth getting down since you can do it anywhere on the screen.



How can I get more damage after 214H in the air midscreen in this combo? 2M,5M, j.M, j.2H, SD, j.LM2H dj.LL, 214H j.LLL land lvl 1 super

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Interesting corner oki (w/ Kid Buu assist in demo):