I just happened to be working on something on the website when you sent me that message so I was able to fix it right away.

Yeah, there’s not a whole lot in the strategy section yet. I blame MuffinMan and Papasi for that. :wink:


I blame wordpress, lol.


<a href="/profile/mrdhalsim">@mrdhalsim</a>, I’m thrilled and elated that TRUST exists because now I can start working on getting better at options selects. I read the TRUST article on STR and I downloaded the program, but I’m struggling to get it working as Everytime I tried executing a lesson a new window popped up saying that it was loading but then it just disappeared in a matter of seconds. I should also note that I’m using windows 7. Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can get the ball rolling with TRUST? Much appreciated, Thanks!


<blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/5475/jactiaf">jactiaf</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”><a href="/profile/mrdhalsim">@mrdhalsim</a>, …could you or anyone else PM me as to where I can find the ROM that works with mame-rr?<br></div>

No.<br><br>The SRK forums are NOT a way to exchange ROMs.  It’s strictly against the policy here, and for good reason.  While I want to provide a training mode for Capcom’s game that we fans might feel Capcom should have done themselves, I have to draw the line at some point and that’s one place over the line.  I don’t even want to be asked about this point and this should be clear enough why.  TRUST has never gotten a frontpage mention for TRUST but it’s understandable why with this as just one possible reason why that might be (despite the fact that SRK has posted Mane6’s artwork of their My Little Pony thievery, in the very same breath of posting Hasbro’s cease and desist letter <i>specifically </i>saying to take that kind of artwork down.  That is <i>definitely </i>wrong, yet a week on and they still flaunt it prominently on the very TOP of the srk front page, even).<br>


I profusely apologize for my ignorance Mr. Dhalsim.  I absolutely miscommunicated my intent and all I’m asking for is some support to get TRUST working as the basic instructions provided on STR left me confused and TRUST not working.  If you or anyone could help me in trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong in setting up TRUST I’d really appreciate it and I again apologize for my idiocy and previous comments,


TRUST Version 4.0 is now available.<br><br><br><br>New Features:<br><br>+20 new “Custom” slots<br>Savestate Creator<br>Config inputs a little easier<br>Edit Observe scripts from menu, and <br>Edit Lesson’s HTML (center pane text) a lil easier<br><br>More of the Savestate Creator will be automated, but for now you have to select P1 and P2 manually and press Shift-F7 like in the video at the start of the round.  Then you can load &7 in your current Custom scripts, or rename it (best to keep the number within the right range, see prev. info) to so you can work on others scripts and come back to it later.<br><br>You can download it here:<br><br><br><br>You can use that for both upgrading as well as new installations (new users).  It won’t overwrite your current Custom Slots 1-10, but feel free to back up anything before upgrading (customs, etc) in separate folder.<br><br>XSPR


I’m not sure if it were asked before. How can we enable the visual hitbox hacks with TRUST? I saw a video where XSPR is analysing a Claw wall dive and it shows the hitboxes but I don’t see an option natively in TRUST to enable that.


If anyone cares, I was able to enable the hitboxes simply by pressing the 1P start button which executes TRUSTsf2-hitboxes.lua.


I guess I don’t get notifications sent to me automatically anymore, for this thread with the new forums. Well, at least the forums load this time.

Yeah, it’s Start button to toggle hitbox display on/off. Press the 5 key on your keyboard (Lua hotkey 5) to toggle input display (lower left/right corners). It’s mentioned in the Getting Started guide, but surrounded by a mountain of other text so easily overlooked I guess? But these two features are very useful.


No problem. Thanks XSPR.


New mix up- scratch rough rugged and raw:

I was thinking about a theme for the Afrolegends vs. Damdai matches. Ignore actual video footage- tried to get TAP pause super out but forgot I had the button held down for the super, d’oh.



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