Truth about Capcom "balancing Games"

there was an interview with Seth Killian on IPW and here is a excerpt from it

now I find this to be a problem because he basically says he doesn’t want the game to be balanced and says bad matchups are a part of a good fighting game, which is so not true, he also says he’s happy with charge characters being broken. and his comment about how Fei Long is “right where we want him to be” means that Capcom doesn’t really care about character balance they just want certain characters to be good and certain characters to be bad. so I guess Hakan will never be balanced or Dan or any low tier characters and that’s why Sagat has been broken in every game he’s been in, because Capcom wanted it like that.

this is quite honestly bs and has made me very mad.

Yeah, I can understand being angry from something a guy that has absolutely no say in what goes into a game says.

He said he wants unfavorable match ups not impossible match ups

Every character is suppose to be good at a few things and that’s where the dynamic of the match comes in to play. If every character has “1 of everything” it would be boring as fuck because each match would play the same reguardless of characters.

do you honestly really think he has no say about what goes into a game? I’m pretty sure he is asked about what to balance in games and stuff.

go play a naruto game you cunt.

Yes, because he’s the PR GUY. Top SF players have more say than Seth as to what goes into the game and that’s saying something.

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I’m pretty sure Seth has a lot more say than top SF players because you now he works for Capcom he’s not just a PR guy.

Domination 101: Prelude to a Diss (Some preliminary remarks on Balance).

sonic hurricane dot com - What Does Unbalanced Mean?
sonic hurricane dot com ? What Does Unbalanced Mean?

tl:dr version for those who don’t want to read a couple of well written articles. The only way to get a perfectly balanced game with 5:5 matchups across the board would be to have every character play exactly the same. Same hitboxes, sames moves, same health, etc.

So does the janitor that works for Capcom have a say too just because he works for them?

actually it would be a much better game if it was more balanced even if the characters were exactly the same. characters don’t need to have broken moves like E. Honda or Abel

Saitsu really needs to learn how to think before he speaks

Wasnt ken considered stronger than ryu in one of the versions of sf2 because he rolled twice with his back throw as opposed tp once with ryu. Balance is just an excuse scrubs use becase they keep losing.

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fighting game discussion?

those are just excuses. of course he’s not gonna say “yeah, we fucked up the balancing”.

btw. balancing in super is pretty good imo.

if only there was a forum to discuss SSF4…

or fighting games…

First of all, this should of been put in the FGD, and secondly. Tekken. It’s a great game, played by the world over, and the game is balanced. Tier list don’t mean a damn thing in Tekken. Playing a balanced fighting game isn’t a bad thing, it’s a bad when every character has the same option to deal with an a situation. Theres no distinction between characters when that happens.

Seth killian is a community manager. i.e his primary duty is to look
after relationships with us. He may feedback tier information from the community to the deva, but he himself will have very little influence unless he can back up what he’s saying with what the community is asking for.


1st true balance is impost unless you have palette swaps of the same characters. Sounds fun right? Tekken is not balanced its a much more solid guessing game. If i ran zafina 24/7 vs a steve 24/7 and we had the same level of skill. steve is gonna win.

2nd Seth has a character named after him in sf4…how many other sf employees have that honor? To say he has no influence is crazy, he’s the guy that reports back what the crowd likes and dislikes, among other things.

Also he’s 100% correct in that write up too. Everything is not suppose to be even, that makes for a boring fighter. And deep down everyone likes to have that match up feeling where they know they have the advantage over a certain character.

People would patch chess now adays if it had just been invented. “pawns are so weak” “Queens are OP! There better than the King!” please fix!