Truth about Darksydephil



Damn, he’s getting a lot of trolls now. I feel for the guy a bit, even though I question where he’s getting money for games and shit. Because if I’m on unemployment video games would be pretty fucking low on my priorities list. Don’t know how many views he’s getting for the but he’s spamming the fuck out of it, so I’m guessing he’s getting 5-10K views per vid at the most, which is maybe $100-200 in ad-revenue? I’m wondering how much more desperate he’s going to get.


Thank you for your tremendous contribution to SRK, on behalf of SRK, I would like to personally inform you:


Even though DSP is annoying as fuck, it was nice that he moved on from SRK and started his own thing on youtube so I could browse SRK and be insulated from what he does, so its pretty annoying that people continually post shit about him, negative or not. I just wish I’d stop hearing about him.


I cant understand why people put the time and effort into this shit. I also agree, I wish I’d stop reading about him randomly.