Truth about Shortcuts

Me was boring so i decided to dedicate a litte comic to a common problem in sf4.

I’m sure it happend to everyone at least once.^^

Hope they’ll change some things like seth mentioned in an interview.

Just make the (f), (d), (df) + p to f, (d), (df) + p

problem solved. or a checkable option like guilty gear’s “easy input”. woudl be hontoni awzum.

so far

<pedant> Looking at Sagat’s health and assuming you dizzied him with a 2 hit combo or more I doubt he’d have died from the ultra anyway </pedant>

actually he got dizzied with a jab ^^ so i bet the full metsu would’ve killed him. tho, its sagat - everything is possible xD

so far

This needed a thread. Yup.

I very, very rarely fuck up that input on a TE stick. Perhaps if you had shown a Fightpad or even standard 360 controller.

Um, 360 controller uses just 1 button for Ultra. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hardy har. Closed.