Try Installing KOF


Back when MVC3 first came out a friend & I who play alot & lives very close to me had an awful connection. It sucked since our SSF4 connection was offline status. The next time we played the connection was much better. As good as our SSF4 connection. Of course we asked each other what the other had changed. We both happened to install the game & our connection issues somehow disappeared.

I’ve installed KOF but I don’t know anyone else who has the game. NO ONE on my firendlist bought it. I don’t blame them since UMVC3 came out literally a week ago. GT is Naga Plz. Send me invite if you installed it or live on the east coast & just want some games. I need all the exp I can get.


I’ll add you bruh. on the east coast too.

I’m hella scrubby tho. Trying to get into this.


ill add you both prob later on today or tomorrow, i also just got this shit and am trying to get into it as well