Try to convert me to be a PC gamer


lately. i have been getting disenchanted with video games. ever since 2004, it’s been the same fucking thing with this industry: new blockbusters comes out; good games get pushed aside.

but, my frineds - who are pc games = say PC gaming has a better market and is an overall better platform than consoles.

here’s what i believe of pc gaming so far:
-literally shares the same fucking market, but with more indie games and shooters that noone gives two fucks about
-The only genres that excel on the pc are traditional FPS, generic 3rd person shooters, WRPGS, and RTs.
-laptops are shit. same thing as a console; stationary hardware
-too much hype is put on components (CPu, GPU) and not enough on the fucking motherboards.
-Steam is a DRM ridden piece of shit. I have a steam accoutn, and I can’t even fucking play this shit offline.
-PC gaming isn’t as impactful as consoles were on this industry or society in general. Granted, the game market stopped being innovative or, better yet, GOOd, half way through the 128bit era.
-PC gamers are stupid people. 90percent of the PC gamers I know are middle-class fags who will defend their precious platform with every will from their trivial existence.
-too expensive in starting costs, too expensive to update every 4 or 5 years.

can someone provide me objective point of views on how PC gaming is good.


Sounds like you’re just hating. You can’t get into PC gaming if you hate it and want people to tell you why it is the best platform.

No. Shooters dominate all platforms (except for the Wii :wink: ), but it doesn’t mean PC only has the ones that no one gives a fuck about. There are many, many creative indie games that people do give a fuck about that are becoming popular in PC gaming now, such as The Binding of Isaac, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Legend of Grimrock, Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP to name a few.
As for your shooter hate, PC has original shooters such as Tribes and Team Fortress. It does have its fair share of generic shooters too, but not all of these are necessarily bad games.

Not true, platformers, action RPGs, horror games, simulation games and puzzle games all have a big market on PC.

Dunno where you’re looking, but there are some pretty damn powerful laptops.

wat. This is because although the motherboards are the most essential part of a PC, you don’t really need to upgrade them as much as you do a GPU.
In this day and age, an intel (or AMD) mobo that supports up to 16GB RAM and uses Socket 2011 (or AM3 for AMD mobos) will do you for a very long time. If you bought a current gen mobo, you probably won’t need to upgrade it for another 7 years now (maybe an overestimate, haha), unless there’s a big leap in processor power + power requirements, because of course the processors then won’t be using the same processor socket we have now. Or if motherboards then will have different inputs for GPUs.
Also, motherboards are indeed a PC component :wink:

Steam works offline fine for me (most of the time). It allows for less-known games to gain popularity and sell better.As well as that, it has annual sales (looking at you, summer sales) where you can get games at crazy low prices.

Fair enough point, but I don’t believe that the game market stopped being innovative and good last gen. PC is a prime example of this, where there is a constant stream of new and creative games being made by independent developers which do sell well.

There are stupid people on every platform. That is all I have to say here.

It only really gets as expensive as you want it to be. You can pick up great gaming PCs in the €600-€700 range, which will last you a few years before having to upgrade, and all you really will need to upgrade is GPU. Like I said before, unless there’s a big leap in processing power in the next few years, a 3.4GHz or 3.6GHz quad core, six core or eight core processor will do you good for a very, very long time. You can overclock up to 4.2GHz on most of these processors anyways if you feel like you absolutely need more power.
In the long run though, PC gaming can be cheaper because of the price of games. It is expensive to get started on, but when you compare it to buying a console at launch with a game and let’s say 32" HD TV, it’s not a huge price difference.

So there’s my wall of text, hopefully it will have inspired you and your ways of thinking on PC gaming. Good day.


Diablo 3


CS 1.6 clearly surpasses all console shooters by gameplay alone. 1.6 looks like shit, but it doesnt matter.


Glorious pc master race? :lol:


He said convert. Stop waving that aborted fetus in his face.


I’m thinking about getting into PC gaming. Can y’all recommend me some games?


Depends what you are into really. Much of what you can get on a console you can get on a PC at higher resolution and framerates (which is tied to the quality of the port and the power of your rig, naturally.) But a random on the spot top five (in no particular order) would look like this in my mind:

  1. The Witcher 1 and 2. Not the most forgiving games and the combat is a bit crap in the first game then gets sadistic in 2 but easily some of the best RPGS ever made. Choices actually matter with the story as well as relationships being very well handled, unlike say almost any of Bioware’s recent output.

  2. X-Com: UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep. Easily the manliest games of all time and turn based strategy at some of its finest. May be a little dated, but there is a new entry by Firaxis coming in October.

  3. Tochlight. Action RPG by some of the dudes that worked on Diablo 2, no online but the sequel should rectify that and you get to skip out on all of the online always/ Auction House grief Diablo 3 comes baked with.

  4. Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. Great Co-op shooters. I list the first game as while 2 does basically adds all of 1’s content there is still a very different feel between the two and you may prefer the style of one over the other.

  5. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Another great RPG and oddly one of the few horror themed ones, combat again is bit crap but the choices and dialogue make up for it. Make sure to get the unofficial fan patch.

Of course, this list may do nothing for you but it was utterly random. PC gaming has a huge back catalog in addition to what is currently available. I would hit and be sure to check out the Steam Summer sale which is going on now.


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If you have even the smallest shred of decency, or the tiniest inclination for self preservation, you will play PC games exclusively.


Watch this man. It may help you decide. You cant do this on a console.

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p.s. Yeah, play my favorite game while allowing you to watch and talk shit on srk at the same time. You just cant have this kind of fun on a console.


the better question is why should i give a fuck if you hate pc gaming and try to convert you.

As far as i’m concerned as long as you stay away from it i don’t have to risk running into your dumb ass in all my favorite games.

Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. PC.


PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys definitely don’t start forum wars and shit…l0l


Middle class? Shit, man, lots of chumps I know live in little shacks using there pc to keep’em warm during the winter.


In actuality forget all other games and only play counter strike. It doesn’t even matter which one.




Steam sales.


Yo dog, why you gotta convert? Be like me, play on all. Im not a PC gamer or a console gamer, just a gamer. I play games on all them motherfuckers.


Play any fps. Aim with a thumbstick, then aim with a mouse. Switch to PC gaming forever. The end.

Consoles are for sports and fighting games only.



Really? A console war thread?