Try to remember this movie

I watched a movie when I was in 6th grade ('98-'99), but I don’t remember the title or any of the character names. Nor why we were watching it. I was kind of short in the attention span department and was strange back then. So googling won’t do alot of good. It went something like this:

A young white boy is separated from a black friend of his (I think) and attends a private school, where he encounters extreme discrimination amongst some older kids (why, I don’t know). They spit in his face, pee on him, and eventually they tie him upside down, sling a rock at his face, and kill his pet chicken.

At a later point of the movie, it shows him when he is a little older, training to be a boxer. And he has the misfortune to watch some black guy getting severely beaten.

Then at some point it shows him in adulthood, as a boxer. I’m fuzzy on what happens during this time, but towards the end of the movie, he is chased by somebody (presumably one of his former school bullies) and he is saved by a black guy with an eyepatch.

Sounds like Rocky 7

sounds like u remember it jhust fine.

just google it bro

but the name of the movie I don’t know. Kind of hard to google something when you don’t know the name, or the character names, or actor names.

pet chicken, boxer, bullies

Well done Sonic. That sounds like the winner!


Though you really shouldn’t help lazy fuckers who refuse to use google.

dude stfu. don’t tell me I refused to use google. I just didn’t type in the right combination of certain keywords to cause an appropriate link to come up.

yeah i actually knew the movie. As soon as you said they pee’d on him and killed his chicken. I watched it in high school. there’s another part where his black friend or morgan freeman gets fucking smashed with a billy club. I think…i haven’t seen it in forever. But i thought the kids peeing on him was the funniest thing ever at the time…that’s why i remember it.

First not being able to read something that sounded Shakespearean now this… smh…

Lazy bastard…

Nah son, he’s not lazy. He’s just that fucking stupid.