Try to Tech this!

I was doing some experimenting with throws, and found out that some of them have different windows for teching. Gouken is a well-documented exception, but there are others with more subtle differences. I don’t know if they have been listed anywhere, so I decided to compile some info for you guys.

Numbers in parentheses “( )” represent frame differences in tech windows relative to the cast average. Positive numbers mean that there are +x more frames to tech the throw, negative numbers mean that the input window shrinks by -x.

f+Throw = Throwing while in neutral or holding forward
b+Throw = Throwing while holding back

EASIER to Tech:
Chun-Li’s f+Throw (+1)
Dictator’s f+Throw (+1)
Dictator’s b+Throw (+1)
Gouken’s b+Throw (+10)
Rose’s f+Throw (+1)

HARDER to Tech:
Sagat’s f+Throw (-1)
T. Hawk’s f+Throw (-3)

My character isn’t listed?
This means that your average character has an average throw with an average tech window.

Are these throws bad/good, then?
Don’t know. It depends on the damage, stun, range and setups afterwards. If your character has fast movement speed they are probably good at throwing, regardless if your opponent has 1 extra frame for meditation.

how did you test this?

Long story short: the game came out for the PC.

Apparently Cody’s b.throw also has a non-standard teching window?

Word of caution:
Software macro programs like AutoHotkey aren’t frame perfect. It’s best to use macro-based hardware.

Both of Cody’s throws should have standard tech windows. I included all the characters, so… if they aren’t listed their throws should be normal tech.

I looked this stuff up from the game’s data. Mad science was not involved.