Tryin to get good wit Bison and need some combo work

Bison was my favorite and possibly best in CVS1 but wit the exception of Shin Akuma, Rolento, a bad azz Blanka, Hibiki, Rock etc. I had new favorites and I sucked wit Bison then and wit the faq that he’s one of the better characters espcially since I see him used often in the evolution videos i wanted to get back in my groove wit him so I had a few ?'s

  1. Is C-Groove ok to use?

  2. Does he still have some of the same combos like in SSF2T?
    (for example)
    Jumping deep MK, standing close LKx2, MK
    Jumping deep HP, standing close MP, Psycho Crusher
    Crouching LPx2, Standing close LP, Scissor Kick
    cause these were my favorite combos

  3. How should the Psycho Vanish be used, can it be two-in-one’d, what button should be used?

  4. Does he still have the 2 hit jumping MP and can it possibly juggle in anything?

  5. What his best poke strings and normal moves?

  6. One time I coulda sworn while in training mode I pulled his weird dashing psycho punch move from CVS1 in CVS2 by accident does he have it?

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