Tryin to get Tron in my team. Got any tips?



Any good combos with her?

also, her specials what are the best times to use them ?


the most simple combos r the best \o\, xx pistol super.,, Drill xx pistol super (corner only)

throw, xx pistol super (corner only)

throw,, (hold), release xx pistol super (corner only).

u can as well,©/storm(a)/Doom(b), Drill, When drones/typhoon/rocks conects XX pistol super.

Thre r more flashy combos, but those r the most simple/important I think.

oh and with sent©/storm(a)/Doom(b) u can do a safe pressure like this:,, drill, when assist conects xx King Kobun.], call assist, drill, repeat.
just have to earn how to mash drill (alternate lk and hk fast hatter then mash anything).

now with some strategies, sometiems is good to use Kobun Copter (dp+P) but mainly u can dispute air nrmals then conect drill… rmember she can drill in air many times as well dash many times.

Just as a final though, if Tron is ur last char, tk Drill… get a throw in corner… and … wel… pray \o\


One Team I have Tron on is Magneto/Cable/Tron. Since I don’t have Storm Projectile or Sentinel Ground, I force to work with Magneto Projectile for Ground Support and Cable Anti-Air to send the up up and away. It’s mostly a Magneto Team but Tron has some fun Pressure Strings.

More popular Teams I’ve seen and played with Tron are Tron/Storm/Sentinel, Tron/Sentinel/CapCom, Sentinel/Cable/Tron, Magneto/Storm/Tron, and Sentinel/Blackheart/Tron, and many other variations. I hear Doom is Great assist for her also. Just pick around and see what you like.