Trying to burn a copy of my sf4 disc for a backup

I think it’s pretty freakin dumb that some games still require crappy cd/dvd loading to be played on PC these days. Even blizzard wised up about this and made it so all previously released games could do a simple fix and never require a cd/dvd again. They even made it so you could just type in your key to your blizz acount and DL the game. Anyways, I regress.

What I’m trying to do is make a copy of my disc in case this one gets lost/stolen/scratched/exploded in my drive or whatever. I do own the game and this is perfectly legal. How do I do this?
Do I need a specific program(s) to do it?

I already have DVD Fab, dvd shrink, nero, and a couple other obscure dvd related programs.

You could always use a coughnocdcrackcough

Usually discs these days have protection so I don’t even think you can launch the game on a burned copy. But CloneCD should do the trick.

yes back in the day everyone used nocd loaders for SCBW and WC3. But the problem with these is if your disc dissapears or breaks then you’re SOL on reinstalling it ever again. So cloneCD I think I may have that, what do I do exactly.

Well in all honesty that copied disc wont do you much good (xbox wont launch it)
unless you plan on “flashing” your xbox and in that case you do so your now putting your xbox in the arena of the banhammer
but with that being said buddy of mine ripped a copy of blazblue by hooking up his 360 drive to his computer i didnt pay much attention to the process but im sure that it shouldn’t be that complicated.

I think it’s pretty freakin dumb that some games still require crappy cd/dvd loading to be played on PC these days.

well that would be useful information in another thread

Well I found a free trial of AnyDVD on their site. I’ll give it a go SlySoft Download | AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneCD, GameJackal, Any DVD, Clone DVD, Clone CD, Game Jackal

Nah, DVD is for movies. Use CloneCD (it works for DVDs too)

That process also leads to banhammers

speak of experience…
lol jk
but yeah i left that part out

Also idk where you got me saying play on pc from
because i was simply stating that you trying to play a BURNED copy of anything will not play unless your XBOX is flashed
which would be useful information for this thread imo.

I think he was just stating that this was for SF4 for PC and nothing to do with Xbox.

oh well than DERP to me
almost forgot that this existed for pc
my apologies
in that case wouldnt it be perfectly legal to get a digital download and use your serial

Not without paying iirc, but you could still do that just not in a legal sense.

Well I just used clone CD and it won’t play the game. Says something about backups not working to play the game. What the hell use is a backup then if it can’t play the game? Just to install? So in that case I guess I need a nocdloader. Where would I find one hmm

I may or may not have PM’d you.

buy a new one