Trying to buy a 3s kit


990512 version
someone come through i need this pronto
cant find it anywhere


Your best bet on SRK would be the trading post section. That place is pretty active.


coinopexpress usually has it but it can get pricey once you add in shipping. also it’s cheaper to buy two 2I kits and use the Darksoft no battery mod to turn them into a battery-less 3s kit. AFAIK it’s the exact same as cps3 3s (same game data on same hardware) it just doesn’t require a battery.


the coinop one is for sure old type? if so then thats perfect


If you do the darksoft battery-free thing with 2i, you can run any version of 3s from any region.


yeah I’m not sure if it’s old or newtype. you could e-mail and ask which they have but their command of english seems a little suspect.

I’ve only ever bought the second impact kits from coinop. so can’t say for sure.


please help this guy for the future of simi valley 3s :smokin:


if you’re willing to go the 2I battery-less route we can definitely help as far as info/figuring stuff out goes.

if not, yeah I’d go with what Mitri said and try the trading forum here. I figure if I can find a versus city there, you can find just about anything!


Mintchip bought his CPSIII with 3rd Strike from coinopexpress in the last six months and so far it’s worked fine, for what it’s worth. I hope the CD drive and battery last for some years to come.


Actually I got My board from legend hk trading company, nice lady shipped within 3days was less then 500 Canadian with express shipping. It’s an American board easier to navigate menus.


Hi Vinny


Well Mintchip cleared that up. Good luck finding what your looking for