Trying to dive into the original Tekken games


Just trying to find out if there happens to be a significant amount of Street Fighter fans on this forum who are also somewhat skilled or better at the original Tekken games on the PS1. I have been trying to dive into them to beat them and I am finding out the hard way that this series is a completely different type of fighting game with a different style and rules. Where Street Fighter is more about countering your opponents moves like a game of rock paper scissors, Tekken is much slower as it is about blocking and using your combos to attack your opponent’s vulnerabilities. I have been trying to play through the original Tekken for the first time with Kazuya and I am having trouble trying to pull off his combos along with not really sure what some of the symbols mean when looking at how to pull of the character combos. Although I have never really been much of a Tekken fan, I used to play them sometimes in the arcades back in the 90s and have always had an interest in them but I have a lot of trouble trying to get better at playing it because of how different it is compared to normal fighting games. Now though, the first three Tekken games are on my list of games to finish meaning that I WILL play through and beat these games regardless of how much it takes out of me as a human being which for a game like this means I have to not just beat the game but unlock all of the secret characters as well to finish it.

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Well lucky for you I love tekken in all shapes and sizes…But my main:

Isnt in tekken till 2 soooooooo…GOOD LUCK FINDING JACK PLAYERS! XD


For 1, easiest way is turning difficulty to Easy with 1 round. Dash out, dash in uppercut (df + 1 or 2) with jab float (1,2 1,2) or duck then while rising roundhouse (WR4). Throws are useless, block stun is high, low kicks (d + 3) and jabs (d + 1) usually interrupt CPU strings. First game is clunky.

Tekken 2 is straight forward.

Tekken 3 Force mode is easiest with Jin, Heihachi, Ogre, and Gon (save for last for easy victory against floor hugger).

Only play the ones you like or play different ones intermittently or your resolve will falter. Also, Mishimas have a shoryuken-like uppercut that just destroys opponents in the first 3.

P.S. Always preferred the speed of Virtua Fighter.




Like what?

If you’re saying that Armor King isn’t in Tekken 1, then you would be wrong.


Yea I was wrong he is in there lol


T1 launch 1212> the whole game
T2 2 characters can sidestep Bruce and Kaz both characters are busted due to tod’s and powerful tools overall if your playing kaz already just keep that going
T3 everyone gets sidestep but its not that useful. Jin you can pretty much spam 1,2,3,4 combo, its plus like a million on block and if you mix up dropping or delaying the 4 the cpu doesn’t know what to do on like any difficulty. You’ll get the KD you can WD hell sweep guaranteed Im pretty sure if you do just the 1,2,3, it resets to neutral after so more often than not dash just do 2 hits of laser scraper, than back to 1234 lockdown.


Man I know this sounds like something you heard all over again but you might want to start off with Tekken 1 not like I did, Tekken 3 was abit too stiff, as to T1 you have abit more of combo window to do things in because the animation is abit more rougher than T3. Yo like check this out:
T1 Death combos right? (Skip to the combos forget the intro)
T3 Jin and Kaz’s set ups (Just watch like the starting 2 demos)
See lol back then f,N,d,D/F+2 use to take you to the moon XD “Wind God fist”


What I meant by not understanding some of the symbols is I notice when I look at the input for how to do combos or special moves it says N in some of them which I found out later means to leave the d-pad at neutral although I’m not sure how that looks when pulling off the combos on the controller. Since posting this though, I actually ended up beating both Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 unlocking all of the secret characters in both games except for Heihachi and Devil Kazuya in Tekken 1 so both of them are finished for me. I will probably end up going back to Tekken 2 to practice using a character at some point instead of just winging it in a trial by fire through arcade mode like before. Not sure about playing through Tekken 3 though because I think my copy of it for ps1 was scratched up and wouldnt work.


I personally don’t find Tekken to be a slow game at all. Granted if you aren’t using the more advanced movement mechanics then you will feel sluggish. But Tekken is very much a game that is based on your preferred play style.

In Street fighter you have different style of characters such as shoto and charge. In Tekken you don’t really have that. Which leaves it a lot more open to just play how you want. And you can really change things up in the middle of game.

Learn the three styles. In-attack-out. Attack-movement-attack. And King, which is hunt for a blocked attack and then throw.

The easiest way to play Tekken is to be able to change between ways of playing it. In the beginning of the round you could be using you movement to keep you out of their range and entice them to come in. When they do you side step and whiff punish. Using your superior movement again you will keep away and when they start encroaching you will start throwing out pokes. A lot of which are pretty safe on block. And a good thing to do then is to over commit to something safe and back dash. If they don’t do anything you go back to movement. And repeat. When you commit to something safe and aback dash again, they may try follow you with a move which will have you in the perfect position to whiff punish.

Tekken is very much a game about movement and creating situations that benefit you. If you can’t move well or if you can’t plan ahead and react to their reactions, then you are going to have a hard time. Especially since Tekken’s fundamentals are widely considered to be the hardest fundamentals in any fighting game.

Of course against the computer this is all worthless as they don’t play Tekken the way the world plays Tekken. Just pick somebody with long legs and spam low pokes. Set to easy. And one round matches. If you are playing the older games because the new one is dropping soon then perhaps just watch the previously on Tekken type videos on YT.

Very few things you learn will carry over.