Trying to figure out how sggk works frame-by-frame


I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly how this works, because it looks to me like sggk-ing is actually really vulnerable. From what I read, the basic idea is:

Frame 0 - press forward/down for parry
Frame X - press normal for kara throw (I don’t know if X is supposed to be something specific, or just “small”)
Frame X+1 - press LP+LK
Frame X+3 - kara throw enters active frames

If a move is parried between frame 0 and X-1, the kara throw input happens during parry freeze and a normal comes out (since you can buffer a normal during parry freeze, but not a throw). If no move is parried, the kara throw comes out which will hopefully either tech a throw or just throw.

If you wait to start kara throw until frame 2, your throw starts on frame 3 and so you’re not protected from reversal throw, but if you start kara throw on frame 1 or 2, the normal input cancels your parry window and you are vulnerable to attacks until your throw enters active frames (frame 4 or 5). So, for example, any 3 frame move would catch you. This is verified by testing.

So am I missing something, or is this actually pretty worthless? It doesn’t seem to simultaneously protect you from both attacks and throws, just early attacks or late throws, with a nice fat eat-shit window in between.


it’s not worthless. it’s good in specific situations or against specific options. but yeah how good it is has been overstated in the past (IMO). it loses to a lot of things.

also your name is quite vulgar


you literally just push the buttons and throw your stick


It’s all to do with throw invincibility on the first few frames of wakeup (I believe it’s 6), you’re doing your parries in that window and then doing the throw, so the throw comes out if they do nothing during that 6f, if they do wakeup throw your throw will work as a tech because the teching window is however many frames after the active frames of their throw. So yeah you need to be hella precise to cover the most options and if you’re doing SGGKs that involve command grabs (like the twins’ one) you can actually get thrown out of the startup of those if they delay their throw timing anyway, plus they’re free to multi hit reversals and jumps and if you use them too much you’re giving up on a load of better oki options with most characters if you’re paying attention and reading your opponents tendencies well, but they still have a place.

Also if i’m wrong about anything someone correct me yo