Trying to figure some shit out (Anti-Chun)

I’ve been playing PS2 training mode and trying to figure out if Chun is safe if I jump in and parry her bHP and crHK. Because I’ve set the dummy to throw right after bHP but it’s hard to tell. If I jump in and parry that it feels a little random. Like I could still be in the air but I can’t her with a good meaty, or I parry and when I land she can still tech it.

I’m just fucking around with most characters, but I’m trying to figure out if she can recover quickly enough even if you parry to still throw you and do shit.

It all depends on when she attacks and when you parry. The parry window is reasonable large and how the hitboxes intersect, when in the move you parry it, etc is going to determine if you can hit her after the parry or what. It’s really just an experience thing. The difficult part with b.fierce is how enormous the hitbox is so you tend to want to be early but the startup is relatively quick so you can get hit even when you think it’s too late. The more you play against it in an actual match though you’ll be able to tell when you should try for a jump in combo and when you should be prepared for a possible throw.

As for cr.roundhouse I don’t really see that happening too often. If someone uses cr.rh for an anti-air that’s just confusing. They’d only be doing it if you were jumping in from a far distance in which case they can’t throw you if you parry anyway. it would just reset the situation.

So the short answer is there is no answer one way or the other, it can be either. You just need to keep playing and trying things out.

With further testing I’ve discovered that bHP is really safe even if you parry it as close as you can to the ground. I’ve even tested it on the Arcade and yeah, she can still tech your throw. God that’s cheap.