Trying to find a main. Can someone help?

Hi, I’m new here and like most people today I got third strike. I’m trying to find someone I want to main, but just don’t know how to really go about it. All I know is that I want to avoid Shoto characters since that has been my goal since playing SF2. Can I get some suggestions on who is a decent character to learn is? I prefer rush down to zoning, but am willing to try anything.

maybe try urien? i saw some tokido videos of him playing 3S with urien and he has some pretty sick set ups.

Well, if you’re willing to try anything, you’ve got a lot of options. Most of the cast isn’t shotos. I don’t know what rush down to zoning means.

Try everyone

Makoto maybe? What about Yun or Yang?

I’ve tried the twins, and I’m just not feeling them. I can’t stand Makato because of SSF4 but I should try her out in this one. Which characters are the easy ones to learn?

Besides Shotos, I think the easiest one is Chun Li. What about Urien?


you want rushdown try makoto or dudley. Urien is also good too. IBUKI has really good rushdown also but shes really hard to use. you want zoning try remy, or Necro. If you are a masochist and don’t mind losing ALOT Either play Sean or Twelve.

lol oro a hidden gem of mass destruction.

Just play all of them until something clicks. Is there a deadline or something?

No, there is no real deadline, but I have a lot of friends that are natural fighting game players, so I want to learn a character to be able to challenge them. I have been playing around with everyone, and I’m kinda leaning on Elena. I’ll play more to find out though. The suggestion are great thanks.

You really need to spend time with everyone. Enjoy exploring a new game. Play the shotos too. Have fun and check stuff out.

If you try to “zone” like in other sf games with necro you’re going to get lit the fuck up so badly.

Necro ain’t no zoner, bro. He will drill your ass in the corner non-stop.

This. I’m on the same boat here. Last time I played 3rd Strike, I was ten and all I played was Yun and Sean because I thought they were the coolest. Now I’m testing the waters with everyone, exploring the ins and outs. I agree with whoever said Remy though, he’s got some pretty good zoning game.


oro is sick if played properly. i’m trying to learn but its pretty difficult so far but i’m going to keep trying.

those kuroda matches posted in another thread are inspiring.


rushdown, zoning? sounds like Alex would be perfect for you.

you zone with his normals till you can get that corner pressure.