Trying to find a second character


hey everyone im trying to learn and find a second character to pick up. im a cody player and i want to find a character that makes up for his bad match ups (cammy, seth,akuma) any ideas who i should work with


So in terms of picking people to cover some of codys shitty matchups i feel like Cammy and Sagat are good choices.

Cammy can roll through akuma and seth if you are on point with your combos so she seems pretty solid and just requires learning setups but her basic combos are pretty easy and the high damage char specific ones dont go past 1 or 2 1 frame links so if your used to linking i think she is one of the best choices.

Sagat can deal with people that want to be close to your via zoning but you need to be on point its not an easy choice

Seth and akuma are great also but they require a shit ton of setup knowlege both char specific and generic and im not a big fan of them because of this and their health. i hate playing vs them when im not playing cody but both of them stun in 2 combos so when i am playing cody i love it.

I still dont really know though. most of the time i would rather just play cody in the bad matchups and learn them so my alt choices are more in terms of who is fun for a change of pace. I hate taking time away from just playing cody :confused:


do you think rose would be a good second then. i could out zone akuma and seth. not to sure about cammy though. but once their in its death haha


Rose is one of the few non chargers i have literally never played lol i have no clue as i dont know her learning curve nor her char.

dont get me wrong though akuma is a sick alt to have, but unless your cody is beast already the work to learn him is a bit much imo.

All im saying is just play cody + chars you enjoy, if you run into a bad matchup just play it with cody because if you look at alternatives:

your alt char that you barley know how to play
cody who you have been playing for a while

Against someone that knows how to play vs counter picks i would just rock my main out. so my philosophy is pick alts for fun but if you are really solid then i would just use akuma as an alt for cody personally.


If you’re picking an alt based on match ups you might want to consult the community tier list. That shows Rose as having a 3-7 match up vs Seth for example, so not a good choice.

Here’s a link:


Cammy has at LEAST as many character specific combos and setups as akuma does. on top of this, her crossup stuff isnt reliable vs seth, which takes away a huge part of cammys game. she beats him in footsies and can keep him out of the air, but she doesnt really have many options on his wakeup (if youre respecting DP). Even if she goes for reversal-safe strike, she cant combo after it on seth reliably.

edit: @OP, instead of worrying about CODY’S particular bad matchups, may I suggest thinking of YOUR personal bad matchups? For example, cammy is supposed to have a 4/6 vs rog, but I dont have a problem with that particular matchup. That being said, she also has a 4/6 vs DJ, and DJ is my personal worst matchup. As a matter of fact, DJ is the only character I counterpick for. Try choosing a character to cover your personal matchup weaknesses. Are you weak vs rushdown? try learning a zoning character or grappler. weak to grapplers? learn a zoning character, etc. above all though, if you feel that you dont gel with a character, dont force it. there are many characters who play similar archetypes, yet play differently.

just my two cents. hope you find someone who suits you


I have the same issue with Abel, but instead of picking up a counter picking secondary for my bad matchups. I started using balrog and dahlsim. Seems weird but those characters helped me improve my spacing and utilizing abel’s weird normals, for example balrogs far st. strong seems like a useless move but works like a charm against geifs insane jumpins and abels far st. stand forward has almost the same properties. Also when you play akuma or cammy with sim or rog I usually just ball up and try to tech and read frame traps. Eventually you get so good at your defense that they do something reckless to try and open up your guard.


Try Yun


first : you must establish who are your worst matchups
second : find the character that beats all your bad matchups
third : practice with that character and make it your sub


1st: know your favorable input charge? or quater circle turn? 360?
2nd: your style of offense? rushdown? projectile barrage? mix up? grappling?
3rd: your style of defense? turtling? counter trade? projectile armor?

if i were you, i might try some of this rare mixup offense character… elfuerte, dudley, twins, balrog boxer and spanish vega.
but the risk is you might got kicked outta lobby often if you pick these above.


I think Yun is the guy for you.

Or if you’re a** real** man you can go Saikyo


Longest surviving “pick my character” thread of all time?


My eyesight is getting worse these days. Oh! There it is. Thanks! STOMP