Trying to find an Xbox 1 arcade stick is like walking through a hospital burn ward

Well yeah, been looking to find/build an Xbox 1 arcade stick for use on my Mame and CPS emulators. After much searching, it seems the Xbox 1 had very few decent sticks released and the ones you can actually find are either unreliable or overly expensive. I’m kind of at a loss as to what would be the best recourse.

Option 1 would be simply buying a PS1/PS2 stick and finding a functional adapter such as the Mayflash Joybox.

Option 2 is to buy a stick such as the old Pelican Real Arcades and simply gutting everything and trying my best to replace the parts with quality arcade hardware from Happ/Seimitsu.

Option 3 is to tearfully bite the bullet on the expensive Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick.

Option 4 would be to build a custom stick from the ground up. Using a padhack more than likely, which looks like an advanced-level soldering job. If I took this route I would have to find a way to give it updated functionality for PS3/360.

What do you guys recommend? I am very skilled with a soldering iron as I modify Xbox 1 consoles, though it really kinda pisses me off that the Xbox 1 was basically ignored for the most part as far as arcade sticks go. So far I’m leaning toward buying and modding a Pelican, I’d more than likely tri-mod it. Most all of my emulators can be remapped and most have full arcade stick support. So I’m really trying to prepare for 3SO as its my game of choice. Don’t want to wait until it drops to knock the rust off.

You guys can check out my xbox here if you want.


You could use MC Cthulhu in a custom build or even mod a TE with one. It easily plugs and plays with PC, and also has Xbox 1, PS1-PS3, and many others.

Option 5: use an MC Cthulhu for your custom.

Best choice: MC Cthulhu as stated above.
You can RJ45 mod it and make cables for any system it supports, including the og xbox and PC.

If you go the custom route, you can save some cash by buying an empty case and filling it with your own preference of parts. I make and sell cases, along with a lot of others. They’re listed here.

That’s a slick setup btw.

You guys are the best man, total life-savers. I guess I’ll go ahead and make a custom, may still pick up the Pelican as I am a fan of the large wooden enclosure, would give me a ton of space to play around in. I could add more than one PCB in a case that large. Fight sticks are strangely addictive, I just got my HRAP EX-SE with full Seimitsu this week and added a circular gate to it. Fell in love with it day 1, made games like MK and SSFiV so fun.

I haven’t even had it for a week and I’m already contemplating my next stick. I don’t ever want to go back to controller now. I just want to build a monster future proof stick, the MC Cthulhu seems like a great start. Will add PS3 support later, gonna get into the 360 mod scene in a minute, was waiting for some decent progress in the emulators.

Thanks for the compliments NiteWalker and I’m checking out the links now. Wonder if SRKers would be interested in Xboxes like mine? May test the waters soon.

Either way SRK vets can really impress when they aren’t arguing with each other, I don’t think I ever would have stumbled on that if you guys hadn’t given me the heads up.

With the MC Cthulhu, you’ll only need a common ground 360 pad (and an IMP board to control switching) as Toodle’s board will handle everything else.

MC Cthulhu already has PS3 built in.

If you have one of those old huge xbox launch controllers like I did, check out this site about adding a vga port to it.

The great thing about pad hacking the big xbox controller with a vga port is that the xbox controller is still fully functional if you need to use it for other games that require analog sticks etc.

I’m not gonna lie its hard to solder. I soldered to a tiny resistor on accident and the controller would rumble the motors and smell like ozone when I pressed the button. I had to open and resolder three times to get everything working right. Evidently the “duke” is tough though because now it works perfectly for both my new custom arcade stick and as a stand alone xbox controller.

My stick took about a month to build and finish but the result is well worth it. Just read and reread and remember to measure twice cut once and you should be fine.

how did you mod the xbox? and how much did it cost ? looks sick man, good job !

Meh, still not as good as an MC Cthulhu (which you can use on other consoles).

P.S. That’s technically a DE-15 port.


Thank you. The Xbox 1 in this vid is modified using a Xecuter 2.6 CE on a v1.0 motherboard. It is flashed w/ 2 custom bios, a recovery bios, and the OEM bios, 256k block each into a 1mb flash rom. You have to merge the chunks into 1, then flash. Once that is done Ioad up a custom boot disc, I use this boot disc to load a custom dashboard, using this dashboard I assign an IP to it, and network to the Xbox via FTP. Once in I back up the primary boot partitions, hard drive keys, OEM dash etc. I then take a 3.5 inch hard drive of various sizes and reboot the Xbox. The Xbox bios is assigned to boot via DVD first, then look for the HD. Therefore I reboot off the FTP disc and re-copy the OEM files on there. After rebooting I verify everything works and re-FTP back, this time copying my XBMC dashboard, emulators, apps, and Xbox 1 games. That all sounds easier than it actually is.

This Xbox is running a 500gb Western Digital, I’m building another 500gb (not done yet), and I have another 160gb. I have about 40 or 50 of the best Xbox 1 games such as Knights of the Old Republic, full seasons of TV shows I enjoy, full seasons of anime ( I have every Bleach episode ever, every DBZ and DBGT episode, every Initial D episode, every Aqua Teen, South Park for example) I have alot of anime videogame movies such as the Street Fighter Alpha movie, SF4 movie, Street Figher animated movie, even the old SF movie where a very young Ryu must train and kill Akuma. I have the MK1 movie, Dead Space movies, Chappelle Show seasons, Seinfeld season. XBMC can play of very large library of extensions, at least 50 extensions, so it is a very powerful media center. The Xbox can support up to 720p which is perfect, 1080p was before the Xbox 1’s time.

The best thing is for the gaming. I have like I said about 18 gigs of Mame, Final Burn, and Neo Geo arcade roms. I have about 25gb’s of PS1 games, full N64 romset (I only cherry pick the best), full Genesis, Super Nintendo, NES, Atari 2600 romsets. Keep in mind the Xbox 1 can emulate a huge plethora of consoles, be it Coleco-vision, Daphne,TurboGrafx 16, Sega CD, Intellivision, Virtual Boy, Jaguar, etc. You name it, it can likely handle it. My favorite though are the CPS3 roms like 3rd Strike and Warzard, and the high quality Neo Geo roms like Matrimelee and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

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Between the chip and HD, it really depends on what kind of HD deals you can find. At the time I did this, I may have spent 160 in parts because at the time 500gb HD’s were still expensive. Nowaday’s you can really do everything for about 150-200. The hard part isn’t finding the hardware, its rapping your head around the complexities of installing it all and not bricking the Xbox. The software installs are were thinks get trickier. I’ve done so many that it’s second nature, but there are system critical files that can brick your Xbox if you aren’t knowledgeable on what you’re doing. Luckily, I usually install hardware protections to block stupidity, the only way to bypass those is by knowing a sequence of actions. This enables me to do whatever when I need to, without having my friends bugging me because of their unwillingness to listen. My little cousin’s love it, they don’t even play the 360. All they want to do is play some Mario Kart 64, and they are damn competitive with it. Mario Kart is one of those games that’s simple on the surface but people are really, really competitive with it. I had people almost coming to blows when I took this thing to college with me. Grown guys dropping F-bombs over a lost game of Mario Kart. Really?

The first time I did this was in 2001 I believe, 2 months after launch. I was so nervous, that I was literally soaking the shirt I was wearing. I knew if I bricked it that I was out of 320 bucks. I almost wanted to give up, but the joy I felt when I knew I had gotten it right, unforgettable.

I basically ignored this generation due to wanting to play on Xbox Live, that and the scene just wasn’t developed at the time. Now that the emulators and apps on 360 and PS3 are stronger, I may be doing some jailbreaks on those soon. I should’ve wired a godd*** arcade stick a long time ago, but honestly I never expected games like 3S or Last Blade 2 to see the light again.

That being said, I plan on buiding a monster stick. I want the MC Cthulhu functionality, Xbox 360 too. Maybe do a lit Semitsu LS32, and led lit Seimitsu buttons. I want to make a beast, that has a hope of being future proof. Hopefully the next round of consoles will be backwards compatible with the hardware.

Actually… that doesn’t sound easy at all… :razzy:

I have a pair of crazy, tweaked-out Xboxen. I intended to use one in conjunction with my cab. I ended up going PC because the VGA input was cleaner. I should try harder to get VGA out of the poor Xbox.

The solution is easier than you think. Get a PS2 stick and a PS2 to Xbox converter. You can get a Namco stick and have a party. Here’s the converter I recommend. It used to be all over eBay. You should not have to pay what they’re asking. I would imagine you can get one for $10.

I just find this funny. I said “There are so many Xboxen here.” just two nights ago. You did it to me from the project boxen thread.

I have le modded Xbox and I must say it is the greatest console ever.

Yeah I picked up the Mayflash Joybox PS2/3 to xbox 1 convertor. It works the best with complex devices like wheels, dance mats, and arcade sticks. I think I’m gonna look for one of the Tekken 5 Hori sticks. Put some Seimitsu hardware in it. You know, I was all gung-ho on the 8 buttons on my EX-SE, but after using it, I think they make things worse. I thought the idea of a dedicated throw would be cool and all, but everytime I move my hand it screws up whatever inputs I’m trying to do. I may have to plug them.

I thought VGA solutions had been figured out already? I’ll look into if for you. I think when you combine the super powerful multimedia abilities with the almost unrivaled emulator power, there’s no console better than a modded Xbox 1. I love games, but I just can’t keep 10 old consoles with all their games and weird accessories, its too much clutter. Which is why I love this thing so much, it has all of that, but in one neat package. I gotta find a stick solution soon, at least something to tide me over while I build the beast. Sucks playing 3S on a 17 inch laptop monitor lol.

If you want to test a real diehard player, don’t load up Black Ops, load up Pitfall on Atari 2600. That game will separate the boys from the men.


Well I decided on my Xbox 1/ MC Cthulhu donor, here she is . Now, before the naysayers chime in, hear me out. This stick, gets no respect, but I really don’t know why. I’m going to throw an IL stick and Happ comps in it to get the feel of American for a while, so I’ll have the Japanese through my Hori EX-SE and the US through this. That’s not why it’s a gem though, the reason it’s a gem. is that this wonderful case will be recieving the Chtulhu, and likely a full Seimitsu conversion as I will likely play Jap long-term. Now once that happens, imagine custom LS32, Seimitsu’s, MC and 360 dual PCB, and look at all that space for your lap, and your hands. Not to mention, the plethora of space I will have inside the case. This why I think people sleep on this stick.

I has an excellent wooden case, one that you could never get for 30 bucks shipped, it has Happ/IL capabilities, something you definitely cannot get for 30 bucks shipped, and finally, it has the ergonomics that a TE could never hope to match. Once I take it full Japanese, with my PCB plans, it will be the perfect arcade stick. All for a mere 30 dollar investment up front.

Yes MC Cthulu is a better solution for many people however many original xbox owners probably have the old huge controllers lying around collecting dust and may want to try padhacking them to save some bucks (saved myself $70 on 2 sticks by not buying MC Cthulu).

And just to clear up any confusion, it’s actually a de-15 port but if you go into an electronics store asking for a female to male de-15 cable you are likely to receive a blank stare from the sales asscociate where as if you ask for a vga cable you will probably get the right cable.

Getting back to the OP…

Don’t want to be one of said naysayers but I’m wondering why you would put an MC Cthulu in a stick that already works with xbox 1 / PC / PS2 / GC?

Saturn, Dreamcast, 3DO, SNES support. The Sega consoles alone are worth the price of admission for an MC.