Trying to find best Playstationcontroller to xbox360 adapter?


Where can I get a good adapter?


If you’re using a ps2 pad, one of the best converters is the xtokki ps2->xbox360 converter. Lagless and works very well.

If you’re talking ps3->xbox360, it’s tough to say. There are varying reports about how well the Cronus and Mayflash converters work, ranging from introduced input lag, to dropped inputs, to messing up the other player’s inputs, etc…

Your best, and most reliable option, is to go with a dual mod setup.


xtokki R2/L2 buttons are finicky
You need to somewhat press them. Maybe because I play on PS3 where they are triggers instead


That’s a problem with the dualshock2, not with the converter itself. Has nothing to do with button design, but more likely how the PCB on the d2 reads trigger inputs.


Alright thank guys imma get the xtokki thanks for help once again one more question what about ps1 controllers