Trying to find comfortable joystick

I am curious to know if there is a sanwa or seimetsu brand fight stick that has a TIGHTER movement(meaning when you move the joystick around it hits the corners quicker, more rigid feel to the stick)? I am curious because I currently have the SFIV Madcatz Tournament Edition XBOX 360 Fight stick, and I feel that the fight stick is a little too loose for my comfort. I am aware of the HAAP American made fight stick corporation that sell more TIGHTER rigid fight sticks BUT those sticks are TOO TIGHT and RIGID for what I am comfortable. I am wondering if there is a fight stick that is in between the stock SFIV TE fight stick and the HAAP American made fight sticks.

Please let me know the model number as well as the brand, and maybe a possibly place to purchase, if there is a stick that exists. Info on the ease to install would be nice as well.

Seimitsu sticks are typically tighter than the Sanwas…still more loose than a Happ would be though. The LS-32-01 and LS-56-01 are good choices (I believe the LS-56 is the tightest stick Seimitsu makes).

Check Modchipman, Lizardlick, or Akihabarashop (when they’re open) for them.

As for installation, both sticks should just be drop in replacements.

Sounds like you want to spring mod your JLF,you can use some seimitsu springs,on top of the spring already there for added tension.Also I’ve read here that some people use springs from home depot.Search around,all the info is here.

Edit:This made me curious,as I have a jlf I thought was getting a little loose,so I added an LS-32 spring on top of the jlf spring,and it’s nice and tight now,almost too tight,but I think a little play time and it will be perfect.

The Home Depot springs I’ve tried are by far the stiffest. I thought they made the one stick I modded with one TOO stiff and took them off.

For me, it worked best to use a combination of two JLF-SP springs or a JLF-SP and Tekken 5 Hori spring. I can’t see how anybody can fit more than 2 springs on those stick shafts and it seems best to use similar tension spring coils in pairs at any rate.

(Tekken 5 Hori stick parts are interchangeable with a lot of Sanwa stick parts by the way… I’ve kept the ball handles, shafts and associated spring holders, and e-rings from my stock Hori T5 sticks. No point in letting perfectly useable parts go to waste or throwing them away! Some people have used the shorter Hori stick shafts in place of the JLF shaft when doing mods on the Hori Fighting Sticks to avoid having to scrape the metal base of the stick for extra stick moving room…)

I also have a JLF stick modded with two LS-32 springs and it’s REALLY stiff!

I tried mixing and matching LS-32 and JLF-SP’s but the problem is that the JLF-SP ended up slipping into the LS-32 spring and I got the equivalent of close to one LS-32 spring in tension which was too loose for me. The LS-32 spring has a wider diameter coil since it’s manufactured to fit the wider diameter LS-32 shaft. Keep that in mind when you mix and match springs. Inevitably springs end up comingling/twisting around each other a bit. It’s better (in my opinion) to have two matched-diamteter springs overlap a bit I think than to have one thinner diameter spring slip into a wider diameter spring. The latter situation ends up with you having a stick that performs as if only one spring is there!

i just modded one of my sticks with a ls56 and i’m in love. compared the to jlfs, ls32, ls40 i have, it’s by far the tightest stock and my new favorite.

edit- i’m also not a fan of the overlapping of springs. i just haven’t found the consistency that i’m looking for by doing so. i’ve had much more success just replacing the springs with harder ones (i.e. home depot/ls 32 or 55 in jlf etc…)

When you go to Home Depot take with you the spring from your JLF. When you look for compression springs find one of the same diameter. The ones I got where longer so I used a wire cutter to adjust the size and stiffness. I am now going back to JLFS from LS-56 since I find that these using this springs make the stick almost as stiff as a Happ.