Trying to find out an infinete

ya i heard of this one infinte thats like all kick or so it looks like it can someone plz help me get an infente down!

there are at least 2 infinites with all kicks. the ROM infinite, which you should’ve checked the thread all the way up top called “The last ROM thread” before wasting space and posting this useless thread. but if you mean the slide infinite, which is all kicks too, then here…

easiest is with psylocke AAA: assist,, (psylocke hits), wait for enemy to land,,, [super jump, airdash d/f+lk (whiff, does not hit), land,,], repeat bracket


I tryed the ifinite combo, but it’s hard to do it. Everytime I do the Sj, airdash d/f lk, it count as a hit.

You’re not doing it fast enough.

What I do is (setup) then

[ sjxx slide (through addb hk)]

whiff with hp instead of lk… there’s less of a window for a hit.

I figure if you sj cancel late enough or air dash late enough that your HK hits, you won’t be able to juggle them anyway.

i wasn’t even referring to you. i wa referring to darknight.