Trying to find these old hulk comics


I’m not that familiar with marvel comics or superheroes. But there is this 5-part issue of Hulk that I remember reading 17 years ago. It goes something like this:

First page of the 1st issue shows Betty in a bathrobe picking up the newspaper and many guns pointed at her.

The end of the 2nd issue shows Hulk reverted back to his human form trying to pick up a grenade. It explodes and he awakens from critical condition in issue 3.

In issue 3 or 4, Hulk suddenly has more facial hair than he usually does.

In issue 5, he is battling Thor. An atomic blast goes off. Thor gets launched indefinitely into the sky. And people think the hulk has been killed. But Betty just laughs maniacally.

The story continues in some other multi-part issues.


There’s the facial hair. Glad to be of help.



There’s another detail I wanted to mention:

I think the main antagonist in this adventure is a green alien guy with a cone shaped head.


PM RockBogart


I can’t find or download them if I don’t know what they are called. Guess I should have been more clear with the topic title. I can’t remember the name or the issue #s or anything that could help me identify them.