Trying to find ways to implement this tech



i stumbled upon this in training mode…
… if you have astral vision after a snap and throw a fireball… the clones fireball will be delayed quite a bit. if the opponent doen’t pushblock the delayed fireball, they will be pushed out of the corner. thus creating a left right mixup if you can keep them blocking until the fireball hits them. ive only played around with it using dante so far, i just wanted to see what others could come up with. oh and if you tag in another character with a install super where they can’t gain meter and soul drain hits, they will in fact get meter. kinda nifty


This is old vanilla tech. Basically when no character is on screen, your clone is put at max distance, but you are in the corner so it takes a while for that fireball to make it back on screen. It’s pretty hard to make use of because of how long it takes for the fireball to come back. If you had a practical setup or combo with this then that would be super sick though.