Trying to get better... Anyone wanna play?

First I must say that I am almost a total noob when it comes to fighting games because I have never been able to find anyone around me to play with. So with the advent of online gameplay I decided to get street fighter IV a couple months ago. I found that I really like this game and decided that I actually wanted to get better at it.
After playing for about 2 months…about 150 hours of gameplay. I still am unable to clear anyones normal trials past level 3 and I have a win percentage of about 21-22 % online in g-3.

I have been looking through this site and others such as eventhubs for a while trying to get better and found topics that describe things such as zoning, tick throws, block strings, and the like. Now while these topics and sites have been helpful I feel as if I am not really getting any better.

I was wondering if anyone would like to play me and maybe help me figure out what it is that I am doing wrong.

I posted on the akuma board because I main akuma atm.


I would of played against you but I have Xbl…sorry I also main Gouki and I’m a good fighter but I know I need more practice to get to momochi’s level and thats my goal…

Yea I really want to get a 360 so I can play everyone but I don’t even have a stick yet so I guess that will have to wait.

I have seen some of momochi’s vids and he is sick.

I wish you did have Live, I would have loved to train with you. My execution isn’t all that great.

One thing you can do however is go to the trag’s Akuma Combos 1.0 thread and maybe work on your execution. Just work on the basics, and try to get a feel for Akuma. Work on the BnB combos and you should be on your way to greatness in no time!