Trying to get ESPN to cover EVO2K3

I found this link to ESPN’s questions section of there web page.

For Ponder or Inkblot: Have either of you considered simply asking ESPN TV to come to, and cover, our (SF Community) Largest Yearly Tournament (EVO2k3). Just wondering, cuz I was going to ask them to see what they say, but I realized that I would be speaking for you two.

So, if you do email ESPN TV, and if somehow they miraculously agree to come and cover our tourney (essentially putting Street Fighter on THE MAP, and perhaps solidifying it as a Sport in "the main stream sports world), then could you let me know in this thread?

I would like to know either way. If they deny or comply.

Take care till EVO


PS. Fucking HOT DOG EATING CONTEST gets coverage on Sportscenter!!! SHit… I would think that they would at least show a small clip of the game on Sportscenter if they did come, and that shit would be Hella Dope Fuckin Shit.


NSJ was already in progress of that.

Fuck that, get TechTV! That way Morgan will come down!

pssh wtf is your problem?
sessler is 2x hotter then morgan.

Geekboy, don’t you know someone at TechTV? Can you get them to come down?

Is it true that NSJ is already on the “case”.

One more thing. You did not answer my question (no negative feelings in that statement).

Inkblot: Are you for or against the idea of ESPN coming to cover EVO? If you are not against it, great. If you are, then oh well.

Thanks in advance for any response directly to me.


More coverage the better

Why not go for TechTV and ESPN?

Would you not like to see the Final Round of CVS2 or MVC2 or whatever game on Sportscenter?

Late. Edit: and of course try to get them to sponser us or some shit like that.

There is always G4tv too



ESPN will do us dirty… Techtv would be nice

Ok, I’ll try to get that one guy to do Evo again, it’s not like their busy producing really cool shit anyway…

If it was on sportscenter they would trash it like they did the Dart Championship. Sadly, I don’t think SF and fighting games in general are mainstream enough to cover on say espn2.

What sucks is that I’ve seen Poker, Putt Putt, and fishing on espn2. fishing I can understand because there is so much sponsorhip money involved. But puttputt and poker??? c’mon!

Ok, I sent a letter, hopefully I’ll get a response.

ESPN, i don’t want to get A dish or digital cable. ESPN is on our local cable.(not the 6 channel cable) and ESPN would be cooler cuz its bigger and MABEY more people would watch. (good for them) and MABEY more people would start playing. (good for us)

Umm, How about trying to get as much coverage for the community as possible?

Obviously there is the possibility that ESPN will rag on us, but maybe they wont. There is no way to know for sure. If they do rag on EVO, then we will know who NOT TO ASK for future coverage.

I like the TECHTV idea, but I want to know if anybody is trying to get ESPN as well. If nobody is trying to get ESPN, and if the Cannons are ok with it, I will write a letter to request their presense at our beloved dope ass fucking yearly epic tourney, known as EVO 2003.

Cannons… Are you guys ok with me requesting ESPN to come cover our tourney>???


I don’t think espn will rag on us, they did cover a MAGIC tourny once…

Send them the Bang the Machine trailer.

If you want to send a letter to ESPN, go ahead.

Sure, and we’ll have EGM cover it instead of Tips n Tricks. :lame:

ESPN would punk us on the “NOT TOP 10.” TechTV wouldn’t be a bad move, given, but I don’t think they’d bite.

Actually, I think they might cover it, however it wouldn’t be too big. I remember GameSpot TV showed a SMALL bit on ZDTV back in the day from the Tekken Tag Tournament world championships, that was like the first time I’d ever watched the show. The amount of coverage is questionable, but I’d say they’d bite…


Everyone just e-mail about Evo…that’ll get their attention.