Trying to get Hori RAPV3-SA to work on PC

I’m pretty sure there are threads floating around about this arcade stick trying to work for the PC n’ all. I can’t seem to find em, so if anyone has links, then post them for me.

But my issue with this is trying to get the inputs on the arcade stick to work for ROMs. I’m only trying to test this out with one game, Street Fighter II, and it’s not really working out.

I’ve tried JoyToKey, but I was only able to get the buttons to work. I can’t seem to get the joystick itself to make the character move.

Can anyone help me with this? Any other suggestions besides Joy2Key?

Xpadder works for me.

The above comment.

And if you’re having problems with Xpadder, it’s best to go to their website.

Odd. PS3 Hori sticks usually just work plug and play.

Try it first in Windows USB game controllers and test inputs there.