Trying to get into this game again


I’ve bought this game multiple times and I’ve tried to get into it multiple times and I’m hoping this time it clicks. Any one have any advice on the game overall?

I’m currently using strider, doom, and sentinel, but I really don’t like doom and sent. They don’t feel fun to me. I heard that without doom tho, strider is useless. I’d much rather be using strider megaman gambit. Does anyone have any solid BnBs or tips for that team? If not, then what about for the strider doom sent that I’m currently using?

I also like Jill or bb hood or jin or cyclops, but get discouraged by people who say you need to play top tier. I really wanna “get” this game but I don’t like any of the top tier. Advice?

My Xbox gamer tag is SaltTheDead btw if anyone wants to add me and just take it easy. I also play Ssf4AE, Umvc3, 3rd strike, hd remix, SfxT, persona, and MK, and am actually pretty good at all of them. I may grab MvC origins to see if it can be a gateway into mvc2 since its not as chaotic and it seems to be a bit more forgiving. The matches actually make sense to me when I watch them.

Thanks for any advice/help, and again feel free to add me.


Same here haven’t played this game competitively since 2001-2002 and I wanna pick it up again. Back then tiers didn’t matter as much as they do now so if you wanna get good at it learn the good people first then once your knowledge of the game picks up you can start using characters you like


I’ve been playing this game for years and recently got back into it myself about a year ago. I play with Team Row (Magneto, Cable, & Sentinel). I don’t really know to much about Team ClockW0rk other than that it’s just a trap/chip team. You plan on using this as your main team then I’d advise you to get on YouTube and study videos, so you can get a concept of how the team runs. Once you get rid of Strider or Doom then the team is whack… unless you got a godlike Sentinel.

Speaking of Sentinel, I’ve picked up this character this past year and he is by far my favorite character in the game. Magneto was my favorite but once I got into Sentinel it was a wrap for me. You can do so much with Sentinel that it’s ridiculous. Every attack he has it chips, he got good life, armor and mobility. If paired up with a godlike AAA (anti-air assist) like CapCom, Cable, or Cyclops he’s a goddamn problem. I just started to re-fly with him, and it just opens up his mobility even more. As far as his BnB combos you can check the Sentinel section for that.

I’d try to get down stuff like:
[]Lk, Lp (2-hits) xxx FF–> Lk, Hk, Lp.Rocket Punch
]Launch, Lk xxx FF–> Lk, Lk, Dp.Rocket Punch
[*][D.Hp xxx Fly, Unfly, land, D.Hp] Repeat in bracket

As far as playing with top tier, that’s all just preference. I mean that’s all I play, I can’t play with any of the lower tier characters at all. Just find a team that interest you and rock with it… fuck with anyone else says. Also, keep in mind that MvC2 is made to hurt people’s feelings.


same here I haven’t played this game competitively since 2001 and I wanna pick it up again. I just don’t know where to start learning again


Gotta get on YouTube and watch them videos and be in the lab to experiment.


Gotta get a good MAS stick first!!!


Join the Facebook group, it’s where Marvel is still alive and the salt flows like it was 2006.


If anyone knows who Chris sevila or Josh is I will give them five bucks!!!


You don’t need a MAS stick to enjoy the game.


I’ll just pick colossus then !!!


His AAA is pretty good.


Colossus is fun, probably my second most favorite character.

J. F+HP is great at controlling space in the air, J. HK can cross up, St. LP is 3 frames and his Cr. LP is 4 frames and reaches fairly far, TK Shoulder Tackle is a nice way to get in while mid range, his Giant Swing move is fairly safe on block, and his Dive hyper can go through lots of stuff. Simple and damaging!


Doesn’t his assist beat out commandos if they both came out at the same time. I just use regular dash type assist


I don’t know, I think it does. shrugs

I know Cable beats CapCom.


Colossus = purely underrated