Trying to get MUCH better at this game

[LEFT]I’ve upload a few matches from my first day of playing this game. I’m not new to street fighter, but I am new to SF3. The reason I’m uploading matches is so you guys can tell me what I’m doing right or wrong. Challenge me to feel better about yourself, give tips, strategies and other stuff :blah:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I play on psn, and use Elena. If you want to help a newbie out visit my youtube channel and watch the videos in my playlist.[/LEFT]
I’ll upload more and hopefully you guys can watch me grow into a threat :sunglasses:

I haven’t watched your matches… but if you want to play Elena, learn her dash distance like the back of your hand…and learn her far ass kara throw. these 2 points together will rape most new kids on the block. Also, learn her overheads, their optimal range, and when and why the work.