Trying to get started on MvC

Looking at all the excitement that MvC 3 has to offer, I’m really interested in playing the game now. The problem is I don’t really know that much of MvC strategy. I really don’t my OTGs from DHCs or even KFCs. Is there anything ya’ll can recommend?

First thing to do if you have a question about a (popular) game relevant to SRK, check out the wiki. The Marvel wiki page is worth a read if you want to get a general idea of how things work.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Shoryuken Wiki

this made me lol

Starcade RIP & T37 Rampage summed it up,eh?!

Forgot to mention theIGN Guide is actually a really good primer.

once your done with that, go play the shit out of marvel 2 for basics. then, once youve gotten all the basics down with that, go play the shit out of tatsunoko for combo system. once your done with that, go read up on mvc3 threads and stuff.

but yeah, the skye thread and ign/gamespot primers are pretty good for beginners

I’ll be a beginner as well. Never really got into MvC2 because I felt like it was broken. Maybe I can get into MvC3 before people find things like true infinite’s or Strider/Doom traps.