Trying to improve my skills


Hi, y’all.

I’m trying to focus on getting better at 3S this month. I just bought it on the Xbox, but I have some experience playing it on the PS3. I main Ibuki and I’m trying to jot down a warm up routine that I’m going to adhere to religiously every day, however, I’m not familiar with typing out (or even reading) inputs. So, I have a few questions.

-How are inputs typed out in SF? Please explain this in great detail.

-What do I type to make the little input icons show up?

Thanks in advance.


3rd dropdown for smilies seems to have them all.

colon hcf colon

seems to give :hcf:

For a quick example.

You can skip those and try to keep things the same during anything you say. Jab Strong Fierce, LP MP HP. Name the special moves, overhead we’ll generally know what that is. UoH, Universal Overhead, MP+MK is different than command (normal) overhead.

Just ask questions on what you’re trying to do with Ibuki or don’t know how to do yet, while finding your own way. Talk about what’s working or not working for you to get feedback and second opinions(on say, something you’re doing can be way unsafe, don’t use it too much), and checkout the Character Sub-Forum there for Ibuki.


Ibuki has two Target Combos, those are combos that can be treated as a series instead of individual moves that link. Target Combos, as the name implies, combo throughout.

Ibuki also has Kunai.



Could you link me to a video with these target combos possibly?


Hate to be that guy, but it’s 2012. In the time it took you to write this post you could have found most, if not all, of the information you want. Google, YouTube, Bing, Shoryuken, whatever, they all have search features… start your training by learning to use the search feature.


some really bad colour choices for fonts but otherwise there’s a ton of info. if you get lost just look up xiao or higa and those guys to see how they’ve pieced things together. 3S is learned just like any other fighting game. find the good pokes, use a small handful of useful combos, and built a stable foundation with them.



There is a whole sub-sub-forum for character specific stuff.


Now this post, I didn’t like so much.


I know that. This wasn’t a character specific question, though.


I assumed wrong, my bad. Since you mentioned your main, I thought you could go over the sub forum and look into it more.


It’s all good. I need to head over to the Ibuki section sometime anyway, as well as finish reading the “Ninja School, Ibuki Guide”. :rofl:


Look up Tenren, Feint aka Okusa84, Aruka and maybe DevilJin to get some Merrkin tactics in the mix.

Outside of those I don’t know many specifics but if you shot a question my way I could certainly muster up a useful answer.