Trying to install a MC Cthulhu and had a quick question before I get started

Sorry for the noob question guys but I’m having a little problem wrapping my head around this…

So I remove the wiring for the buttons from the X360 PCB and put them on the MC Cthulhu. I solder on a cat9 Ethernet cable onto the bit below the USB port. Then I solder the X360 PCB to the MC Cthulhu? Then I can remove the USB cable, put a cat9 head on it and plug it into the rj45 port and now I have a stick that supports X360/PS3/PC and once I make the proper wires whatever other consoles?

Where do I solder the 360 PCB onto exactly…?

Quick replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m thinking you already know this Thread.

And no, that is not how you handle the USB for Consoles.
You will need a DPDT Switch or an Imp.

Custom built stick or modding a TE/SE?

Or a Masterstrike…

Wait you bought a MC Cthulhu without knowing how it works?

You are trying to do a Multi Console with xbox 360 as your first stick modding project?

The only analogy for what you are doing is like attempting to do a forward somersault combo to a backflip and handstand on a womens balance beam before even learning how to walk across it.

I certainly hope you don’t ruin your stick.

Instead of doing it all at once, I suggest that you just start out with using learning to hook up the MC Cthulhu by itself.

Then do the RJ-45 mod. If you get that right then you can graduate to the dual mod.

For a first timer there are 100 different ways you can fuck up and you don’t have the experience on how to debug all the possible problems. Doing it in steps, there are only 30 ways you can fuck it up each step.

I just want to add on to what rtdzign said. Before you even do any of the MC cables (which requires soldering onto the board), do it with the screw terminals, and USB A/B cable to make a working PS3 stick without any possibility of destroying things via soldering iron. Then, you can move onwards and upwards, at least.