Trying to Join the Red Army =\

Hi Everyone,

I’ve come to the Yang boards because, to put it quite simply: I’m just a mess with him. It’s becoming more and more depressing attempting to win Ranked matches, so I come to the community for help. I guess I’ll just begin listing off my problems, issues, and concerns and hope someone can answer them, thanks. Please keep in mind, I use the default PlayStation 3 Pad.

I. Can someone assist me in the knowledge of Yang’s combos? It seems that all I am capable of in the combo department is:

crossup j. mp, crouching mp xx Hard Mantis Strikes.

II. Why is it that I get thrown out of every dive kick I perform? Can anyone give me tips on preventing that from happening? Thanks.

III. The concept of effectively Focus Canceling leaves me in a daze. I know that to succeed in playing Yang, I need to learn things such as Focus Canceling Hard Mantis Strikes into Ultra 2. Can anyone assist me in how I can better get the execution of the maneuver?

IV. Shoryuken characters (or anyone with a solid Anti-Air for that matter) seems to just be the end of the twins. Could anyone help me with tips on how to get in on my opponent? Teleport doesn’t work for me due to lack of invincible frames.

V. Is there any use for Yang’s Target Combos? I read a lot of places that they don’t link (or chain?) into anything, so I’m wondering if they have true use.

Anyone willing to answer all, or even one of these would help me better myself as both a Street Fighter player and a recruit of the Red Army. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks =)

I dont meen to be a dick, but you can find all the questions you asked already in the threads made.

However, Target combos are j. mk > m divekick. Good for using after a launch for a mix up, and also mp > hp > back and hp. That is a combo for a punish to combo into super.

Focus canceling just takes practice and time. Thats really all, you will get better the more you try it.

For uppercut characters, bait the uppercut with light dive kick, or use a cross up at the right time so you will either hit, or they will wiff the uppercut. (uppercut characters are still a hard match but you do have options.)

As for throw from dive kick, I believe you can tech out of all throws. But I may be wrong so someone else please give a better answer.

And finally for combos, just look in the combo thread. Welcome to the red army! lol

Go on the shoryuken wiki glossary if you don’t know the difference between a link and a chain. I’m afraid that’s all the advice I can give (I’m new to Yang myself haha).

Thank you very much, but for the uppercut characters I can attempt a light dive kick and almost always get thrown out of it (even when inputting the buttons to tech the throw). Is there anything else I should be doing to make the dive kicks more effective?

@_blank - Well any information is good information. Thanks =) and if you’re also new to Yang I would love to spar sometime.


Crabcakes told you to use Light Dive Kick “at a distance”, to get in.

If every time you jump in (but you shouldn’t, thats 90% of the time, a bad idea), or attempt to get in with a dive kick, you get DP’ed, you should just jump, and do a Light Dive Kick.

The guy will think you are trying to get in, shoryuken, and you calmly wait on your feet to punish, and start the mini vortex.

For combos, all you can do is practice practice practice. That’s the only thing you can do. Just don’t attempt to do extreme combos. You can play a decent Yang with simple combos.

(MK crossup LP 2MK mantis/DP, MK Mantis pressure, LK LK mantis etc…)

Just trying to mix your post mantis moves by sometimes going crossup with an MK, and sometimes doing jump > Light Dive kick, this can seriously f*ck up someone.

Check for great Yangs, and trying to see how they handle their matchups, pressure, “getting in”, baiting…!

here’s a gift :

Sparring sounds good man, my PSN is underscoreblank. I probably won’t be on until Wednesday night though.

My dilemma is that if I attempt to get in (which, as a Yang player, I MUST do in order to effectively dish out damage) I am dragon-punched. If I choose to keep my distance to avoid the dragon-punching, I get Hadoken’d to death so I’m not sure what to do.

Also, would you mind clearing up what you mean by mini vortex? I’m totally confused about that.

I used to main Ibuki, who’s whole game was built around the use of her kunai vortex. A vortex is basically when you put your opponent into a guessing game of which way to block or fadc your attack. Its highly effective if you have an aerial projectile like Akuma or Ibuki as if you perform it correctly youre usually safe afterwards even on block, and if it connects you can combo into knockdown so you can do the vortex all over again. As I said, I’m new to Yang so I probably dont know what I’m talking about, but Yangs LK dive could probably used to similar effect on a downed opponent, but it seems that it would be much less safe than a projectile vortex, perhaps why he calls it the mini vortex? Idk.

If youre getting zoned by a projectile character just focus attack through or otherwise avoid the projectiles lol. Make them have to get in.

And, you could train your opponent to expect you to constantly dive kick into them after every jump so that they instinctively dp when you jump. Then mix it up like samoloul said and just jump into LK dive kick. They’ll dragonpunch you still but you’re now have the opprotunity to punish them. And after that every time. You jump becomes a guessing game as to whether you’ll feint with the lk dive kick or go straight in. They’ll become more likely to let you in when they’re scared to dp you.

“Vortex”= wakeup mixups that lead back to an untechable knockdown for another wakeup mixup. Yang has strong wakeup mixups, but it’s no vortex like Akuma.

To learn how to deal with punishable projectiles, go into training mode with a recorded dummy throwing projectiles at you, and then find that distance to stand in front of him where you can focus forward dash, EX command dash, roll DP, and Ultra 2 through the projectiles on reaction. You can use your palms to nullify projectiles and build meter, and focus back dash to build ultra meter. Jump-ins and dive kicks at this distance will only be used to punish predictable fireballs.

Thank you very much, that recorded dummy tip was GOLD. It really helped me with slower projectiles such as the Sonic Boom. Thanks again, I’ll look more into this ‘vortex’ business. Is it basically using a Hard Dive Kick to cross up after an untechable knockdown?

I’m just a rookie but I’ve noticed that when the dive kicks hit the lower part of the opponent usually you’ll be able to start a block string before they can grab. Try that.

'Tis done easily enough in theory, but on the pressures of the battlefield I can’t always land it 100%. :frowning: